Ewans 10 Favourite Films

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Where would we be without film? Probably dead. Died of boredom. But seriously, where would we be? Film is one of the most important medias of our time. I love watching films, I don’t review them though. Not anymore anyway. But I thought it necessary to count down my ten favourite films, of all time. These are my opinions. If you think a film on here is shit, then rightly so, just wait until we get to the last few films.

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Is It Worth Watching?: Wish I Was Here

Now for those of you who have ever seen Scrubs, you may be wondering what happened to the walking idiot that was John Dorian, or J.D. for short. Well, let’s find out shall we and watch his latest movie (that was funded through Kickstarter), Wish I Was Here.

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Is It Worth Watching – Peep Show

So last month I did a film, this month it seems fitting I do another TV Show. Who knows, maybe next month I’ll do another film. Probably not, I might just take one of my old blog posts and stick it up on here. Oh fiddlesticks, I’ve given away the game. But yeah, Peep Show, right, let’s get down to business.

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Is It Worth Watching: Guest House Paradiso

For those of you who don’t know, Guest House Paradiso is a movie that is connected to the TV Show “Bottom”. Bottom is a slapstick, black humoured comedy show and is quite definitely one of the all time greatest comedy shows ever broadcast. The film adaptation for some reason isn’t entitled something relating to Bottom, so let’s delve into this film and see what it’s about and if it’s any good.

Those of you who want to watch the film at the same time as me writing this review, then here’s a link to the film. I do apologise to those who can’t use this link for whatever reason but I’ve used this link to watch the film multiple times and I’ve had no problems with it. Anyway, on with the review! I’m going to be testing a new way of reviewing the film, if it doesn’t work then I’ll probably end up posting it anyway.

It goes without saying that there will be a large amount of spoilers in the plot portion of this review so feel free to skip over that if you like.


The premise of the film is that the two beloved idiots from the TV Show (Richard Richard and Eddie Hitler) have moved away to some remote part of the UK to open up their very own hotel. Right next to a nuclear power plant. Richard (played by the late and great Rik Mayall) has taken on the role of Hotel Manager and Eddie (played by the still living Ade Edmondson) is pretty much co-manager. They make a joke about Eddie being the bell boy but his role in the hotel is basically identical to that of Richard’s in which they do basically everything. There’s also Chef, who’s only in the film for a brief cameo role if anything, he’s played by the guy that also played Spudgun on the TV Show, so I’m pretty certain that this character was made entirely for a cameo role.

Bill Nighy and Simon Pegg both make appearances in this film, with Pegg making a much larger appearance as it seems that the majority of the characters in the first half hour of the film disappear for no reason. That’s one of the problems I noticed early on. Some characters are literally only there for a gag or to advance the plot. Bill Nighy’s character is there literally to punch Richard in the face, the loved up newly weds are there so Richard can make a gag about sex and the love interest’s ex-fiance is there so the story has a villain.

Now there seems to be a big focus on a celebrity named Gina Carbonara. She’s also Italian. What a play on words, very creative. Basically she runs from her wedding and goes into hiding in the Guest House Paradiso because it’s presumably such a horrific hotel. Somehow the fiance tracks her down to this very remote location and everything goes horribly wrong. I don’t want to spoil the big twist, but it ends in traditionally comic Bottom fashion.

I know I haven’t given much away plot wise but it’s because it’s better to experience it for yourself, well, what there is of it.


It’s the Bottom movie, Bottom is known for slapstick, over the top comedy. Did this film deliver? Yes. Definitely. A lot of the humour is still slapstick which I absolutely adore but there’s also some visual gags and just general jokes in there as well. I’m pretty certain this is the only film I can see Rik Mayall have a pencil shot up his arse and proceed to have a violent fit of pain on a table in-front of guests.

It’s a comedy film, so all that really matters is if it’s funny or not. It’s extremely funny, I’d say about as good as that of the TV Show’s humour. The slapstick is given to us in large chunks and it’s original, nothing is really copied over from the TV Show, meaning they provide new gags for us to laugh at. One of which literally made me almost vomit out of fear and made me cringe, it’s the big where they pull Simon Pegg up to the roof by the ring on his chest. With a fishing rod. And then it rips off.

Come to think of it, the fact that they involve multiple people in the slapstick means it has a new breath of life, wherein it’s not just Rik and Ade, it’s Rik and Bill or Rik, Ade and Simon or just Ade and some children on a swing.

Whatever I say in this article doesn’t matter. Let’s just cut right to it. The film is worth watching. If you’re a fan of Rik Mayall, Ade Edmondson, Bottom or just comedy shows/films in general then this is a must see.

Is It Worth Watching: Futurama

I just started binge watching a load of shows all at once, so why not make some use out of all my watching of three seasons a day and make a blog post about it. I’ve got a load of TV Shows and movies to watch through, so why not. We’ll kick things off with Futurama. Now I must admit, I’m a lot better at game reviews than I am with TV show and movie reviews, however as time goes on it’ll get better and we’ll enjoy it all the more. This is a TV show with 7 seasons, so instead of analysing the show as a whole, I thought I’d analyse each season individually.

Season 1 – 13 Episodes

Season 1 gave us such classic episodes such as I, Roomate, Space Pilot 3000 and My Three Suns. This season does a great job of introducing us to our main characters which consists of Phillip J. Fry, Turanga Leela, Bender, Professor Farnsworth, Amy Wong, Hermes Conrad and everyone’s favourite Dr. Zoidberg. The first season definitely has a strong lineup of episodes with no horrendously awful episodes to be seen.

Best Episode: Fry and the Slurm Factory

Basically mocking “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” this episode is full of laughs, music and introduced the fan favourite “Slurms McKenzie”.

Worst Episode: A Fishful of Dollars

The whole episode consists of Fry looking for Anchovies, then sticking them on a pizza because anchovies died out, definitely not the strongest episode in the series, but still has it’s fair few laughs even if the plot is a little fishy.

Season 2 – 19 Episodes

Season 2 was 6 episodes longer than the first season, which is always nice. The more Futurama the better, this season did a fantastic job of making us love our main characters even more than we already did. It even introduced some new, recurring characters that have been our favourites ever since, most notably President Nixon and Robot Santa.

Best Episode: How Herme’s Requisitioned his Groove Back/The Cryonic Woman

I didn’t honestly know which episode to pick for this one, I like “How Herme’s Requisitioned his Groove Back” because it showed us some depth to one of the other Planet Express members, who at this point hadn’t had a large story arch like this one. I also picked “The Cryonic Woman” because it show’s what happens when Fry’s ex-girlfriend comes to the future and how their relationship has an affect on the rest of the Planet Express crew.

Worst Episode: The Honking

Honestly, the reason for me not liking this episode is because it’s that overdone. We’ve seen the original piece of work being Werewolf transformations and car related shenanigans in all manner of shows, movies, books and such. Futurama really didn’t hit the nail on the head with this one either, which is a shame because it could’ve been done fairly well.

Season 3 – 21 Episodes

Season 3, it made us laugh, cry and get emotionally attached to a plant that Fry was trying to find. It gave us a lot more information about Fry’s past, Bender gets a boost in plot points and it also gave us plot points to revolve around Farnsworth’s and Herme’s kids…

Best Episode: Roswell That Ends Well

This episode was great because it was one of the episodes to show how the Planet Express crew have had accidental impacts on history, being sent back to Roswell, Zoidberg is captured and is deemed an alien while everyone else has to fix the ship, also some very interesting things happen to Fry…

Worst Episode: Amazon Women in the Mood

Bleh, this episode is strange. In it, Zapp, Kiff, Amy and Leela all end up on some island where there are women who only want “snu-snu”, Bender and Fry are there, then there’s a giant computer? I don’t know, this episode was really messy in turn.

Season 4 – 18 Episodes

The one with the dead dog. This series is probably the most critically acclaimed amongst fans and for good reason, a plethora of good episodes to choose from. The characters are given some great backstory’s and episodes as well which is always good.

Best Episode: Jurassic Bark/Three Hundred Big Boys

Well, that was expected really wasn’t it? Seymour and all that, it made me cry and was certainly one of the best episodes just for the ending scene alone. Three Hundred Big Boys is an interesting one, everyone get’s $300. Fry buys 100 coffee’s, it is amazingly funny seeing how Fry slowly turns into a maniacal freak solely devoted to coffee.

Worst Episode: Bend Her

Bender becomes a woman. I, I don’t think I need to say anything else.

This is the first time the show got cancelled, but don’t worry, we still have 3 more seasons to go through.

Season 5 – 4 Movies

When Futurama was initially cancelled, Cartoon Network bought the rights to it and put the episodes on their Adult Swim channel, which boosted sails by, a lot. When the contract ran out, FOX bought back Futurama and they started to make new episodes of the show, to boot up the series again, they made 4 movies, split into 4 episodes each time. I watched all four of these in a day. So, unlike the previous four, I don’t want to spilt these into Best Episode/Worst Episode, or even best movie for that matter.

Why? Because they were all equally as boring, I’m not saying they were bad, but I think this is when I realised that Futurama was not gonna be the same as the previous four seasons. Don’t get me wrong, the movies were funny, but they just weren’t as good as what had previously been delivered. I think the one I liked the most was Bender’s Big Score, it was funny, made the whole storyline confusingly awkward, yet believable.

The worst one, Into The Wild Green Yonder was just boring. That’s really all I have to say on the matter, it was boring. However if you like cool music, then watch Bender’s Game, the credit sequence has some great music. That leaves the other one, the Beast with a Billion Backs, that was OK, I’ve seen it before quite a lot so it was boring to watch it again, however funny it was.

Season 6 – 26 Episodes

So this is the series reboot after the four movies, that’s all I’ve really got to say about that. This series is OK, not the best start up to the reboot of a show that got cancelled but it’ll do.

Best Episode: Attack of the Killer App

I’m not sure why I liked this episode so much, maybe it’s because of the mad craze that we call Twitter, this episode took the mick and turned everyone into mindless zombies that bought new phones, just like Apple have done. It also features the infamous “Shut up and take my money” gif.

Worst Episode: The Duh-Vinci Code

So Leonardo da Vinci’s secret invention was found in his old beard. We’re off to a great start aren’t we? Then all of Leonardo’s inventions fit together to make a spaceship and they fly off to his home planet…I’m pretty sure somebody got fired over this episode, I’m hoping so…

Season 7 – 26 Episodes

The last season of Futurama was extremely disappointing, there was a plethora of poor quality episodes that just had a stupid idea to revolve around or they just weren’t funny.

Best Episode: Murder on the Planet Express/Stench and Stenchibility/Meanwhile

Murder on the Planet Express was actually really cool, left Bender and Fry cold blooded killers when an evil space alien that can shapeshift comes aboard the ship and starts eating everyone when they’re on a team building exercise. I definitely enjoyed Stench and Stenchibility as well, it gave Zoidberg a nice plot point that, actually was pretty well delivered. Meanwhile was the final episode in the series, so it had to be good, which it was, so I’m not going to even thing about spoiling that one.

Worst Episode: The Rest of Season 7

Yeah, I didn’t have any strong feelings for the rest of the episodes, they’re not worth talking about to be honest, the Zoidberg eating money at the casino episode was pretty good but other than that, nothing worth it.

But it all comes down to one question doesn’t it?

Is it worth watching?


Ewan Rants: Ghostbusters 3

Please Sony, I know I’m an Xbox guy, but don’t do this to me. Movie directors, I know I thought The Cat in the Hat was a fairly good film, but please don’t do this to me. Don’t do this to me. Alright, fine. I’ll talk about it. Ghostbusters 3. I recently saw a trailer for this film and it really annoyed me for some reason so I’m going to somehow explain why it annoyed me and to what extent it did so.

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