Ewan talks about his game collection

Well I’m glad you’ve noticed I’m becoming vague with the titles, fuck you that’s why. Hang on I’ll change it. Originally it was going to be “Ewan hits a wall metaphorically” but I don’t think anyone would care enough to read that. Anyways, read on.

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Game Collection Update – 31/08/16

I don’t even see the point in writing this bit anymore because all I do is write the list of games at the bottom, so I mean, I bought stuff this month and I should’ve posted this last week but I cocked up so now I’m doing it today so I’m going to keep this run on sentence going until I hit 100 words. That’s a lie, but I’m just gonna go ahead and list what I bought, because I’m a lazy sod.

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Game Collection Update – 03/08/16

And away we go once again to see what Ewan has wasted his money on this month.

To start off I bought a lot of movies and DVDs for before I went on holiday, all from charity shops, DVDs like Rush Hour 2 and Bruce Almighty, that sort of thing, some very good movies. On that same day I bought two very achievement heavy games, Happy Feet Two and Rugby World Cup 2015.

Ten days later, I bought, well, scammed my friend of some games. And if she’s reading this, they’re mine now and you’re not getting them back. I got three games, Resident Evil 5, The Sims 3 and Rayman Origins, great games, very cheap too, thanks pal. I also bought some paper brick things called “books” which people still read apparently, I love a good comedy book so I got some Charlie Brooker and Frankie Boyle books.

And when I got back I bought some more Charlie Brooker books and then Xbox had a sale so I cracked open my wallet and “splashed some cash”. I also bought some DVDs on that same day.

Well here’s a last minute update, I bought some more books. Kirk’s Autobiography and “The Nazi Hunters”. No I’m not joking, it was two for £7 in Asda and I thought why not.

There we go, let’s have the rundown.

Rugby World Cup 2015 – £6 (As bad as you think it is)
Madden 07 – 50p
Happy Feet Two – £5 (Not as bad as you think it is)
The Wit and Wisdom of Movies – 99p
Sean Lock – Lockepedia – 99p
Dumb and Dumber – 99p
Bruce Almighty – 99p (Phenomenal Jim Carrey film)
The Best of Dads Army – 99p
Top Gear: The Worst Car in the World – 99p (Actually a very funny DVD only Top Gear Special)
Rush Hour 2 – 99p
The Inbetweeners Movie – 99p
Sean Lock Live – 99p
Al Murray Happy Hour Season 1 – 50p
Al Murray Happy Hour Season 2 – £1 (To be honest when you can get an entire TV Show for £1.50, you’re doing something right)
Resident Evil 5 – £1.60
The Sims 3 – £1.60
Rayman Origins – £1.60
Frankie Boyle: Work! Consume! Die! – Free! (Thanks Dad)
Charlie Brooker: The Hell of It All – Free! (Ditto, thank you Kommandant Dad)
Charlie Brooker: Screen Burn – £1
Charlie Brooker: I Can Make You Hate – £10
Auf Weidershein, Pet – £1.99
Extras Season 1 – 99p
Austin Powers: Goldmember – 99p
Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me – 99p
Another World: 20th Anniversary – £2
Bridge Constructor – £4
The Autobiography of James T. Kirk – £3
The Nazi Hunters – £4

Game Collection Update 29/06/16

I can’t be bothered with an intro, I don’t know what to write. Uh. BOOGLEY BOOGLEY GAMES GAMES OHOHOHOHOHOHOH

Let’s kick things off with the 2nd of June,which is when I made my first purchases of the month. A few DVDs, mainly the first season of 30 Rock, and I also got myself Lego Rockband so I could play The Coral – Dreaming of You. That was it though.

I went to Durham with Joseph and there I made, not the biggest haul, but the one I enjoyed the most, I didn’t buy many games whatsoever, none at all actually, well, Smackdown vs. Raw 2009, but it was £1 and I mainly bought DVDs. Found myself a copy of That Mitchell and Webb Look Season 1 and their Live Show, which was an amazing find.

The car boot sales have also started again, which means I can go traipsing through a muddy field looking for cheap, broken games that smell like smoke or piss. I did find some really good stuff there surprisingly, for example a game I thought was broken wasn’t, and I bought it for 50p, Blazing Angels 2: Secret Missions of WW2, I love history so hopefully I enjoy that game also.

So, what’d I get, how’d I do, well:

30 Rock Season 1 – £1
Al Murray: Both Barrels – 99p
Lego Rockband – £8
That Mitchell and Webb Look Season 1 – 50p
Dylan Moran: Monster – 50p
The Two Faces of Mitchell and Webb – 50p
Bottom: Mindless Violence – £1.99
Smackdown vs. Raw 2009 – £1
Guitar Hero Decades (in the box, with the controller, stickers etc) – £2
Drop Dead Fred – £2
The Catherine Tate Show (Season 1 and 2) – £1
World Series Poker 2007 – £1
Blazing Angels 2: Secret Missions of WW2 – 50p

Not bad, not many games this month actually, I really do need to buy some more.

Game Collection Update – 01/06/16

No need for an intro paragraph, at this point you know the drill, I go over what I’ve spent my money on this past month. And to be honest it’s not been too much at the time of writing, I think I’m going down the town tomorrow, but that’s for the specific purpose of buying a guitar hero controller and Lego Rock Band so I can do “Dreaming of You” on karaoke as I can apparently sing that song rather well.

So let’s go back in time. All the way back, to the year 2016, only going to the 7th of May, which is where I made my first large purchase of the month. I found a job lot of games, 21 for £20. There were a few that I already had which I traded into Grainger Games and made a bit of money back, but there were also a lot I kept including some pretty decent games such as Batman: Arkham City, but we’ll talk about that later.

Fast forward all the way to the 21st of May, where I bought a book. Yeah, I read. Sue me. Please don’t. Anyway, I bought Rik Mayall’s book “Bigger than Hitler, Better than Christ” which is a fantastically funny read I’m happy to say. I can’t wait for the next one.

Oh shit wait.

Thanks to the Xbox Gold sales I did manage to pick up a game I’ve been wanting for a good long while very cheaply. Cars 2, it was either that or Toy Story 3, I might actually go and get a £10 gift card and buy Toy Story 3 and the Pacman game because I do feel like playing some god awful horrendous shit.

I’d finished this article, but I went ahead and bought a couple more things which I’m not going to explain here because I’m busy playing one of the games I bought, sod off down the bottom to see what I bought.

But that wraps up this month unless I have to come back to this tomorrow because I’ve bought something else.

Hot Wheels: Beat That – £1.80
Fifa Street 3 – £1.80
Grand Theft Auto IV: Episodes from Liberty City – £1.80
Two Worlds – £1.80
Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition – £1.80
Fight Night Round 4 – £1.80
Batman: Arkham City – £1.80
Brutal Legend – £1.80
Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 – £1.80
Spiderman 3 – £1.80
Need for Speed: The Run – £1.80
The Rik Mayall: Bigger than Hitler, Better than Christ – £6
Cars 2 The Videogame – £2.24
£10 Xbox Gift Card Thingy – £10
Lego Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues – £2.24
Toy Story 3 – £2.24
Goosebumps: The Game – £6
Guest House Paradiso – £5

Guest House Paradiso was ordered off of Amazon and will technically be here tomorrow, aren’t I a bastard.

Game Collection Update – 06/04/16

Another month flies on by, good lord. I’m not actually sure what I’ve bought this month, because in all honesty I forgot to write some of it down, some of it was digital and so on. I’ll do my best to remember and if any of it’s wrong I’ll change it before anyone can read it.

I think I remember where we left off. I’d bought a bunch of games hadn’t I? That was February, right, yes, I know where I am now. So to kick March off I waited 12 days to buy anything, mainly because the money in my wallet had destroyed itself and I was facing a financial struggle similar to Greece.

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