Ewan does a TMI Questions Thing (and hates himself for it)

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Lets learn a little about me. 150 Questions about me. All of which I found online on a random website two years ago. First did this on blogger, gonna copy the exact same questions from that. Hopefully you all learn something about me. Even more hopeful that you don’t. Read on. Lots of text ahead, good luck.

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Back to School

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Yep. I’m back at school. Well, not school, sixth form. I’m actually writing this while at sixth form. Do you want to know why? Because the school gave me free periods on a Friday. And a Monday. And a Wednesday, and a Thursday too. Not Tuesday, I’ve got a non stop train of five lessons so that may just kill me. Anyway, it’s another rambling article because I’ve just drank my bottle of Coke and I’m ready to go…to second lesson, back in a bit.

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Exam Results

Exam season is over. At time of writing (29/08/16), it’s been just under a week since I got my results. This article is going to be me bragging about my results, and then a lot of complaining about a broken education system that left a lot of people very unhappy, but made me laugh quite a bit. Tears streaming down their face, their future in front of them cracked and ruined, it really cheered me up, so thanks you fucking idiots. I really enjoyed seeing you weep at the fact you only got two GCSEs because you were too busy getting pissed on paint thinner.

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Ewan shows off some music he likes

So instead of doing game related Saturday articles or just straight up moaning about politics, let’s all join hand in hand with something that everyone can enjoy, apart from if you’re deaf, in which case I’m very sorry. Of course I’m talking about music! I love a bit of music, I’m listening to some right now as I type these words. I’m just going to share with you some of my favourite songs, that way you can judge my personality and call me a tit when you see some of the songs that are on here.

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