An Hour With… Redshirt

Redshirt is a dating simulator, no I’m not making that up. I bought it a very long time ago, sometime in 2013 or something ridiculously long ago I believe. But it’s only now that I’m making an article on it. Why? Because I wasn’t writing game articles in 2013 you arse. On with the article.

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An Hour With… Turok

Ah, Turok, A lovely game series spawned in the N64 era, I bought Turok and Turok 2: Seeds of Evil on the N64 quite some years ago and to be quite honest they were fairly good games, I enjoyed my time with them. Little did I know that another Turok game was released for the Xbox 360, sometime in 2008. I actually bought this game some time ago from a friend as well, in that same bundle I purchased Duke Nukem Forever also, so I’m presuming these two games will be about as good.

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An Hour With: Dungeon Siege III

I’ve always enjoyed writing these posts, I get to play games I bought a while ago and never got round to playing. Not this time, this was free with Games with Gold. I just didn’t get round to playing it. Anyway, is it worth playing if you downloaded it for free, or is it worth buying? Or not. That’s the question I’m going to answer when I stop upping the word count for this article in the first paragraph. Maybe I’ll put a read more tag in the middle of what I’

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An Hour With: Call of Juarez: The Cartel

So continuing the trending theme of “playing shit I bought two years ago”, I pulled Call of Juarez: The Cartel off of my shelf and stuck it in my Xbox, it wasn’t the first time I had played the game however, I had in fact played it once, gotten one single achievement on it and never played it again, not even moving past the first level.

So, what’s it like then?

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An Hour With: Mirror’s Edge

I quite recently purchased this game and planned to play it over the weekend. I played Wolfenstein: The Old Blood over the weekend instead. No matter, I’ll play it now and be back in an hour.

Right, well then. That was something else. You can take that as good or bad, if you want to find out what my opinion is (which you probably don’t) then click the “Read More” thing, if I remember to put the bloody thing in.

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