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A clown, a DJ and a guy nobody really cares about all walk into a bar. There isn’t a punchline to this joke because that will never happen. They’ll most likely just yell at each other for an hour or so on Skype and call it a podcast. Well, I’d agree with calling it a podcast actually. So in a one off special, I’m going to review a podcast, because I can. I don’t care if you don’t want me to, I’m ill and need something to do.

For those who don’t know, Keemstar, Colossal is Crazy and Tommy C are all YouTubers. Keemstar is probably the most well known, judging that he can’t keep out of other peoples business and then reports it as news. Colossal is Crazy is a YouTuber that releases a videos once every few months when he can be arsed to do so. Tommy C, does something, I’m not sure what that is but it’s not really important.

The Baited Podcast is a podcast that focuses on YouTube drama. Examples being the Leafy vs. Keemstar, the Marina Joyce debacle and CSGO Gambling. It doesn’t seem that the podcast has any structure, but it works so well.

In one corner you have Keemstar who has his own views and opinions. Colossal is in the other corner providing his own views and opinions. Tommy does give his opinions and sides more with Keemstar than Colossal, but he more or less plays a Devils Advocate type character and it works very well. It keeps the debate interesting, he’s there in case it gets too heated.

Baited has grown in popularity in the past few months, with #9 and #10 of the podcast renditions gaining roughly 800,000 to over a million. It’s become one of the only podcasts I listen to. Always providing an interesting topic to talk about is sometimes difficult but the three hosts always make sure that the topic they’re talking about is interesting to the public. I’ve seen on Twitter numerous times that they’ve canned an episode because it just wasn’t good enough and I love that dedication. However of course that means we sacrifice more episodes. But in this circumstance quality is most definitely over quantity.

Now that the podcast is gaining momentum, we’ve seen a couple of guests. We’ve seen H3H3 talk to the co-hosts about his beef with Leafy, and the very next podcast we saw Leafy and Keemstar “talk it out” while Colossal and Tommy sat awkwardly on the sidelines.

Ironically, the lowest viewed episode is arguably their best. Harassment. Mainly because it was generally entertaining, but also we saw Keemstar pretty much call Colossal and Tommy his children, which was, well I’m just not going to go into it, but give it a listen. Mind you he did make a pretty good point about how as a human you should seek the truth, which I would agree with to a certain extent.

I can do nothing but recommend this podcast. Give it a listen, here’s a link to their YouTube channel, alternatively you can go and give it a listen on iTunes.

It’s funny, entertaining, a whole host of other positive words and more. It’s quickly become my new favourite podcast because it tackles the difficult subjects nobody else wants to. They take on these subjects in such an entertaining manner that it’s interesting, but also we have the facts presented to us clear as day. It’s a perfect blend of fact and comedy.

The Baited Podcast gets a 10/10


4 thoughts on “Baited Podcast Review

  1. Yeah I just love the dynamic on this podcast, it’s something you’d never expect would work, but when you actually listen to it you realize how well it does. It’s a nice refresher from most youtube podcasts with everyone friends (not saying they aren’t friends, but they certainly have different opinions on most things) and circlejerking eachother for an hour.


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