Baited Podcast Review

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A clown, a DJ and a guy nobody really cares about all walk into a bar. There isn’t a punchline to this joke because that will never happen. They’ll most likely just yell at each other for an hour or so on Skype and call it a podcast. Well, I’d agree with calling it a podcast actually. So in a one off special, I’m going to review a podcast, because I can. I don’t care if you don’t want me to, I’m ill and need something to do.

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Ewan obliterates The Big Bang Theory

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The Big Bang Theory is a “comedy” show that basically gets its humour from saying nerdy things in a sentence and then using canned laughter to make it a generic “funny” moment. I do like a few of the older episodes, but now shuffling its way onto Season 10, I got very annoyed. So much so that I told my friend, who just so happens to think that this is the best show ever.

I issued her a challenge. For every episode of The Big Bang Theory, I could name an entire Comedy TV Show that you could watch instead. All nine seasons, every episode, a different TV Show for each. Did I manage it? Hell yes I did. The stipulations were that I wasn’t allowed to use the internet to help me, so this was all from either memory or DVDs I actually own.

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Ewan has another writing gig

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I think the title basically sums it all up. I’ve been writing for Updownright for over a year now, I thought it was time to expand my horizons. I moved on to write for Postard, wrote for them for a month and really haven’t enjoyed it, both writing and personal reasons, so I’ll be resigning from that position very soon.

So to get a new job I had to apply for some more. I applied for four. One of which replied almost instantly, and that is where I’m going. I’ll still be keeping this blog open though, as the articles I’m writing for the new company will be iOS Game Reviews. I know, bit of a niche market, but it’s paid work, $5 an article. So if I write 7 articles a week, one a day, then I’ll make $35 a week. Which translates to £29. £29 x 4 = £110. £110 x 12 = £1300ish. So that’s £1300 a year if I write 52 articles a year. That’s pretty damn good.

At the time of writing this I haven’t heard from the other three, I may also manage to get a writing stint at WhatCulture, I’ll have to see what I can manage.

Obviously time is short at the moment, sixth form is literally draining every ounce of energy I have and I more often than not just slump in front of my TV and watch old comedy shows instead of anything productive.

That’s basically it for this post.

Go away.