Back to School

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Yep. I’m back at school. Well, not school, sixth form. I’m actually writing this while at sixth form. Do you want to know why? Because the school gave me free periods on a Friday. And a Monday. And a Wednesday, and a Thursday too. Not Tuesday, I’ve got a non stop train of five lessons so that may just kill me. Anyway, it’s another rambling article because I’ve just drank my bottle of Coke and I’m ready to go…to second lesson, back in a bit.

Luckily I have third lesson free, second lesson is “Bridging Project”. Basically, as I go to a Catholic School, I have to do an RE type lesson. Even though I’m an atheist and disagree with religion completely. But oh well, that’s for another time. I get UCAS points for doing that so it’s not all bad, and you get to do experience for however you like, so I can get a few hours of teacher training in and slap it on a CV.

I’ve got media this afternoon as well, I haven’t had that lesson yet so what I might have to do is write this later when I’ve actually figured out what the hell I’m doing. I have the head of sixth form for media, so I have to make a good impression. I think I do anyway. I can’t go in and slap him in the face, so yeah, good impressions.

Three subjects. That’s all I have to do, Media, History and English Literature/Language. Now, you may be thinking language and literature are two different courses, but no, I took the mixed version of them so I can take History, because I want to be a history teacher. Well, I don’t, I want to be a writer, but I need a backup plan.

Teacher wise, yeah, that’s fine. Nothing extraordinary. Unfortunately I didn’t get Mr. Edmondson. I’ve changed his name for protection and the fact that he reminds me of Ade Edmondson. I haven’t actually got any teachers I’ve had in previous years, considering half of them have left, died, or both. Seriously, about twelve teachers I know of have left or died, or both.

But I suppose it’s not all bad, I only have one lesson on a Monday, which leaves me free from 9 – 11:30. Then I have my lesson, and then I’m free from 12:30 – 3. Can’t go home just yet though, they don’t actually allow that yet. I have to wait until October, and then I can leave at 12:30 on a Monday and Thursday which will be fantastic. I’ve had to buy about ninety million different files though, but I’ve got a locker as well so it’s not all bad.

On top of that, I’ve brought my laptop with me. I also managed to bypass their WiFi and Internet Firewalls to be able to use YouTube to listen to my music. Steam doesn’t work though, but that’s expected to be honest. Neither does Twitter or Facebook, but YouTube and my writing works and that’s all I really need. I did actually download some TV Shows onto my laptop, mainly Charlie Brooker, so thanks Charlie, for making me able to ignore people in my lunch break. Which is a half hour long. And at half one in the afternoon. Which I thought was very weird to be quite honest.

Right, it’s 09:52 now, I’m gonna stick my laptop in my locker, I’ll write the rest of this later. Well, that’s a lie, I’ve finished this article now, probably. Yeah it’s 11:42 now, had a bridging project, which is basically RE but even less useful so that’ll be a fun waste of my time to look forward to every Friday.

But that’s it now, I’ve finished, nobody really cares what media is like do they?

Go away.


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