Battlefield 1 Beta Review

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Battlefield 1. Putting the battle into field. That was a shit joke. Anyway, I had the chance to play the beta for this game and seeing as though the review for Back to the Future isn’t quite done I thought I’d just do this instead. So, without further ado, my thoughts on the Battlefield 1 Beta.

Of course the most important thing in every single game is the graphics. What do they look like? Well, for a beta, it looks phenomenal. Honestly I was blown away by how nice the game looks. Mainly because it’s a beta, and at this point I was expecting to have to pay for the graphics. But I didn’t, and the game looked lovely. It was colourful, vibrant, stunning. There was even a weather system so it’d start raining in the middle of a battle, it was truly phenomenal.

But that doesn’t matter, how was the gameplay? Actually, it was extremely fun. Yeah I’m as surprised as you are. While I was hesitant at first because we all know how I am with fun, I soon began to play matches, then I played another one, and followed it up with another one, then I stopped because that was basically all the time I had to play the game. So far there’s two gamemdoes, rush and conquest, both of them equally as fun and rewarding as the other. Rush is a sort of search and destroy gamemode where you have to destroy two objectives and then advance to the next area. Conquest is just your regular “shoot the foreigners” thing that has become very popular this past year.

A big thing that the trailer showed was the inclusion of dog fighting. No, not terrier vs. bulldog, I mean planes. Three seats on each plane, flying about in the sky. Of course I’m like a seal when it comes to flying planes and the only times I managed to gain kills in the planes while flying was by crashing into the ground kamikazie style and hitting one or two opponents. Which was actually quite fun. But the plane also has guns. I remember I shot down an enemy plane and my squad congratulated me, and then we crashed into the ground.

Fast paced gameplay is what makes any good shooter fun. Battlefield 1 does just that. It was a perfect blend of strategy and
For a Beta it’s extremely polished and well made

The game itself actually reminded me of Star Wars Battlefront. No not that one, the good one. The older ones. But actually the new one as well with the menus it provides us. The menus look crisp, I’ll give it that, but I do honestly think they’ve literally just ripped that menu from Battlefront and put it into Battlefield. Can’t blame them to be honest, it works.

One strange thing that happened was that it made me want to pre-order the game. Which is a first for me, I’ve never pre-ordered anything in my entire life and I completely disagree with pre-orders, but honestly I am genuinely excited to play this game and I can’t wait until it’s fully released, obviously so I can play the campaign and get achievements.

Something I don’t normally comment on, the options menu. It’s got the same amount of options as launching a NASA Space Shuttle, so you can tweak every little thing to your advantage. Which I did, and I’m still shit at the game.


But what goes up must come down. With it being an EA game and a Battlefield game for that matter, it’ll most likely wind up with having microtransactions to purchase more weapons, premium credit and most definitlely some DLC for around Christmas time, but that’s expected and it’ll most probably make a lot of money.

I know it’s a small thing, but it takes a while for the “End of Round” screen to go away, it froze at some points, but I suppose it’s the beta and they have plenty of time to polish that up.

Much like the end of round screen, the menus could also do with a major overhaul, because right now they look a bit, well, shit.

Graphical glitches everywhere, but again, it’s expected.

And do you know what we can learn from this? Don’t buy the game. Nope. Don’t do it. Not until we figure out what the full version is like, we can’t learn anything from the beta.


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