Achievement Unlocked!: CSI: Hard Evidence

For those of you who are unfamiliar with CSI, it’s a crime drama that was on TV for God know’s how long. The show itself wasn’t actually too bad and the majority of the cases on the show were interesting in the sense of a “Who done it” narrative every episode. Almost like Cluedo, but a lot more fun and less argumentative. The game itself isn’t too bad. By no means is it good, but it’s playable in some ways, it’s like a puzzle game with different elements thrown in, below, I’ll walk you through all five cases in the game and have you unlocking all five achievements in no time.

Case 1: “Burning For You”

This case is all to do with a taxi driver that got, in Layman’s terms, “all burnt up”. You’ll be dragged off to a cutscene and this is where the game (and walkthrough) begins.

You will start at the crime scene with the dead cab driver. First off, take a photo of the driver and the cab. There’s a footprint in front of the car to the right, so zoom in and take a sample and take the footprint. There’s a hole in the fence to the right; take the cloth piece and check for the flake on it. To the right of the fence is a turpentine canister; take it and check for a fingerprint. To the right of the trash bin is a petrol canister; take it with you and the scene is solved.

Now go to the mobile laboratory. Check the fingerprint on LVPD database. Then go to the morgue (don’t forget to ask everything possible), get the victims fingerprints, his shirt (on the left jacket pocket is a burnt flyer) and head to the lab. Compare the red plastic sample with CSI database sample B and check the victim’s fingerprints with LVPD records. Compare the footprint with the CSI sample C and check every single chemical sample possible. Now go to Brass Bureau and ask everything possible. This unlocks a new location, Minigolf. Ask the guy you find there everything and go to the new location afterwards (tribal leader house). Talk to Debra, take the flyer, ask more questions and check the new location. Talk to the girl until brass calls you in and go to the garage (new location unlocked).

Now check the car door for the receipt, the interiors with your flashlight for the matches (fingerprint on it), the PDA on the front armatures, backseat with flashlight for a burnt match (fingerprint on it), and the lighter on the dismantled backseats with flashlight (fingerprint on it, garage solved). Now head back to the lab, compare fingerprints from matchbox with LVPD sample A, print on used match with Ed´s and the print from lighter with FBI sample B lower right square. Check the bank receipt and PDA and go to brass to get the warrant for Debra and go to the chieftain’s house. Ask her everything possible, take the box of matches from the window panel at the couches and check her wardrobe in the back room (don’t forget to ask her about those).

Head to the fire temple, take the turpentine box, and behind the statue through the door on the right floor, pick up the condom (check outside and inside of the condom), sneakers in the left corner and check the statue thoroughly. Get a DNA sample from her and go back to the lab. Check the videotape and enhance the moment when the backseat driver reaches over. Go to the fire temple and take the poncho (powder sample of burnt tissue). Get to the chieftain hut, get the DNA sample, and go to brass for a warrant for Debra. Talk to her AND Ed (he will give you a strain of hair) in the interrogation and head to the lab. Now compare DNA swab from outside condom with Liz´s DNA, swab from inside with Ed´s and the flake from Jean with Ed´s. Interrogate Liz then Ed and go to the minigolf course. Get in the windmill, throw both balls in the hole and check the pipe downstairs for the money (there’s a hair on the roll). Compare the hair with the victims DNA and talk to Ed. Your first case is solved since it’s only videos from now.

And that’s case one done, the achievement will pop and you can move on to the next case.

You start again at a new crime scene. Photograph the bed, check the sheets with the UV light and take adhesive tape. Check the blood sample from the bed and the mobile phone to the left of the bed, photo from the cupboard (flashlight), bullet underneath window (next to golden Taurus statue) – Check bullet tip for green liquid and blood mark on the ground in front of the door.

Now go to the hospital. Check everything (no warrant yet) and go to the lab to check your evidence further. Fibers from the bed sheet with sample B and check the photo and mobile phone on the computer. Now go to the high roller room and talk to the guy, do the same in the hospital and check the luxury suite afterwards. Talk to the guy and the woman, go back to the lab and afterwards to brass for videos and photos of the suspects.

Go to the hospital, ask more questions and go back to the lab. Compare Shane’s DNA with the blood drops from apartment and get a warrant for Shane from brass. Interrogate him, go to the hospital, get her DNA sample, photo of the scars, and pick up the fibers from her clothing and the paper next to it. Head to brass and get a warrant for Everett, head to his suite, get a DNA sample from him, get the green handkerchief from the piano seat, the blood from the knife at the bar, upstairs adhesive tape at mantle, the gun from the table and don’t forget to speak to both of them before leaving.

Now we go to the lab. Here, check the weapon on the table, the photo of the wounds, and Connie’s DNA with the blood from the phone, with the blood from the bed. Also the fibers from the bed sheet with Nicole’s overcoat fibers. Then go to the brass to get a warrant for Nicole. Interrogate her and go back to the hospital (talk to her as well), get the baby DNA record and compare it in the lab with Everett’s DNA. Now ask her again at the hospital, Everett at the suit and Shane at the interrogation room. Now recompose the torn photo, get back to the hospital and pick up Connie’s weapon. Check the gun in the lab, compare the bullet with the one of the wall and interrogate Nicole again.

Back to the lab; get the security photo and check it and get a warrant for Everett’s CPU from brass. Go to the luxury suite, and get the CPU, the letter, and the envelope from the same table. Check the laptop data in your lab and get to brass for interrogation on Everett (of course talk to him). Get back to the suite, go upstairs and take the USB drive and washed clothing (fiber and blood sample). Go to the lab and compare the sample from the bullet with the fibers from the blouse. Then check the USB drive and get an arrest warrant for Nicole from brass. Case solved after the interrogation!

We start this time at the lab, and after a short case introduction, we can start. Have a chat with the technician here, take a photo from the victims, collect the echo pedal in front of the victims (check the sides for fingerprint and the screw on the pedal), and pick up the mic near the victims (fingerprint found). Now check for blood backstage with a straw; same area, the tequila bottle (with fingerprint on etiquette, above etiquette and bottle cap); same area all the way back, power cable. Now once you’ve done those, talk to the guy again (gives video footage) and get to the morgue (let the bodies come and talk about each with the doc, write down the names if you’re unsure which you have already checked).

Now go to the lab and check the video footage (stop at the shock scene), check the microphone fingerprint with Andrea’s, the bottle-cap print from civil records result D, the bottle-label print with civil records result C, the print from bottleneck with sample E, decompose the echo pedal (check the red button), check polarity switch for powder, check the powder under chem scan.

Now head to the luxury suite. Talk to the woman here, check the laptop at the table, check the small table at the door for a note, upstairs the dustbin for some photos, Andrea’s shirt in the same room (check back for powder), and talk to the woman again and head to the high roller room. Talk to the woman and head back to the lab. Compare the threat note with photo autograph, analyze residue from clothing, check USB stick and get a warrant from Brass for Todd. Question him and head for the sound studio.

At the sound studio you will ask the guy every question and get the audio CD (upper left corner fingerprint). Go to the high roller room and talk to the woman again (take her coffee cup and check lip print for DNA). Back to the lab; compare the straw sample with Jill’s DNA and get a warrant from Brass. Question her, get a residue from her dress, and analyze it in the lab. And check the fingerprint from Eddie with the echo pedal print; get a warrant for Eddie and go to sound studio. Talk to him, and take the audio tape from the back. In the small room, take the letter in the cupboard, USB drive to the laptop, electrical piano at the green button. Next to the bottle, the ground prong and talk to the guy again and head to the lab.

Here you will compare the power cord with the ground prong, check the new USB stick and get a warrant from Brass for Eddie. Talk to Eddie, then to the technician, then the original singer, and finally the manager again. Now head to the private jet; pick up the fire extinguisher on the table, the hidden video cam opposite bed in cupboard (get the tape out), check the bed for the white marks, and pick up the screw from the floor next to the bed. Go to the lab and compare the screws, check the video tape (moment of extinguisher attack), check extinguisher and sample from the bed. Get to Brass for another interrogation of the technician. After the interrogation, head back to the jet, pick up the audio tapes under the TV and compare the audio CD with the tapes in the lab. Now go to Brass; arrest Kathy and interrogate her to solve the case.

As soon as you are at the house, talk to the wife and get her stained clothes (check for bloodstain on sleeves). Then photograph the footprint on the stairs, the bloodstained fingerprint on the wall after going upstairs, the fire-poker in the hallway (bloodstains on end and fingerprint on handle), the broken cup next to victims bed on table, some liquid underneath the cup, and the stains on the wall behind bed. Now take a photo of the victim, a blood sample of the victim, and bloodstains on ceiling and question the wife again.

After getting the slippers (check backside for residue), get to the morgue. Get the body transferred and talk to the doc. Now head to the lab; here, reassemble the cup (1 piece missing), compare slippers with bloody print, the fire-poker blood with Banderete’s DNA, Amita’s clothes blood with Banderete’s, chem analyze liquid and residue from slipper, and print from fire-poker with civil records result A lower left corner. Head to Brass to find Aadarsh and back to the wife (talk to the morgue doc also, just in case).

Now head to the driveway. Get the red plastic fragments next to the green box, the tire tread next to the broken mailbox, and blood on the driveway. Head back to the lab now. Reconstruct the red plastic fragments, compare tire tread with CSI sample A, and the blood from driveway with Banderet’s. Go back to the driveway and check the now outside dustbins. Get the phone answer tape, special check it in the lab and go to the wife for some answers.

Now head to the daughter and ask her everything. Then check the footprint in front of the door and go to Brass for a little chat with the business partner. Interrogate him, talk to the wife again, go to the garage, get the right backlight and reconstruct it in the lab and get the warrant from Brass for Aadarsh. Check the front seat for a letter, the laptop on the backseat. Now process the data in the lab, compare the muddy print with Amita’s slippers, and get a warrant for Aadya from Brass and head to her. Talk to her (fingerprints obtained), check the bloodstains in sink, under-chair piece of purple cloth (take the residue of it), check her laptop and get to the lab.

At the lab, check laptop data, compare the bloody fingerprint with Aadya’s, the blood from the sink with Banderet’s, and residue from silk and head for the pool house. There is blood on the handle of the poolhouse door, right of the door is scratch marks on window frame, and left of the poolhouse is the residue on the stairs. Get to Brass now for interrogation on Aadya. Question her and then the doctor.

Get to the garage, and get the vacuum cleaner and the missing cup piece in the lab. Reconstruct the cup, check the blood sample from the poolhouse with Banderet’s, and chem check residue from poolhouse. Interrogate Aadya, the doc, the wife, and then the doc again. Talk to Brass for the warrant and enter the poolhouse. Check towards the left for the screwdriver, the bathroom for silk robe (bloodstains on lower half) and then head to the lab. Compare torn fabric with the robe, the scratch impression with screwdriver, the blood from robe with Banderet’s and get the warrant from Brass.

Now you have to prove which of the women did it, starting off at the crime scene. After the cutscenes, head to the pool house and pick up the crossword puzzle on the right small table. Special check it at the lab and interrogate both women for the case to be solved.

First, you will interrogate the boy at the scene (fingerprints and Keith’s DNA), then photograph the victim (once far and once close up), the bullet above victim in the wall, pink fibers under the victim’s fingernail, weapon in the victim’s hand, sample from victim’s blood, weapon across the victim, a bullet behind postcards in the wall, 2 weapons on the counter (fingerprints), bullet in the floor in front of the counter, bullet in the cash register, bullet in the window frame, bullet behind the sales rack, and some blood on the floor by sales rack.

Then head to the lab. Compare the fiber with search result B, the bullet found near the wall with the bullet behind postcards, Keith’s fingerprints with both 9mm´s, and Keith’s DNA with the blood sample from the floor. Get to the morgue and get the body. Talk to the doc and get the bullets. Then head to Brass for the remaining belongings. Also, get a warrant for Keith and interrogate him.

Get to the lab; fire each gun and compare the following: Peacemaker bullet with the bullet found in window sill and behind sales rack, 1st 9mm bullet with the bullet found on the floor and bullet from cash register and victim’s shoulder, 2nd 9mm bullet with the bullet near the postcards and bullet from victim’s chest and bullet found in the wall. Head back to the crime scene after you have done the previous things.

At the crime scene, point at each bullet impact point and the victim’s body, collect the glass shards of the vitrine (reassemble them at the lab), and interrogate Keith again. Now head to Eddie’s record studio (interrogate him), the to the high roller suite (interrogate her), and then to the triplets’ apartment (interrogate them as well). You will get Anthony’s and Billy’s fingerprints, fingerprints on the laptop case on the small chair, the bra and photo on the pool table, and then interrogate them again and head to the lab.

Compare the fibers with the bra, and the laptop case fingerprint with Ed’s. Interrogate Kim again, get an alibi check from Brass and get the 2 kids for interrogation. Go back to the triplets’ apartment. Get the laptop and check the data and interrogate Eddie, Keith, and the boys.

Back to the crime scene; check the floor next to the flipped over table, the scratch marks on the table, the fingerprint on the other table and then head back to the lab. Compare the print from the shirt rack with Billy’s print, and the metal fragment with the imprint of the scratch marks. Go to Brass and get Kathy for interrogation.

Once again, head back to the triplets’ place. Check the left bed for weapon, and the small dark room for trousers (cell phone in pocket with fingerprint on cover). Now go to the lab. Compare the pants with the metal piece, check the phone, and compare the phone print with Anthony’s. Get a warrant from Brass for Anthony and Billy. Interrogate them and then talk to Kim to solve the case.

And there you go, job done. And to be honest I didn’t think it was that bad of a game, maybe because I have a screw loose or something, don’t know, don’t care.

Go away.



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