Exam Results

Exam season is over. At time of writing (29/08/16), it’s been just under a week since I got my results. This article is going to be me bragging about my results, and then a lot of complaining about a broken education system that left a lot of people very unhappy, but made me laugh quite a bit. Tears streaming down their face, their future in front of them cracked and ruined, it really cheered me up, so thanks you fucking idiots. I really enjoyed seeing you weep at the fact you only got two GCSEs because you were too busy getting pissed on paint thinner.

Now thanks to the exams, I got quite a long time up and that time is almost up. I go back to school midway through the week next month, I go back on the 7th. So I have just over a week left off of school, in which time I’ll do as much writing as I can. I mean I’m writing this instead of enjoying my holiday so the more I get written the more time I can have off I guess.

Anyway, the big thing is the results I got. In total, I sat eight different subjects (mainly because I dropped French, I can barely speak English, French was a no go from Year 7, but I was only allowed to drop it after four and a half fucking years of going “ho hoho ho”) and I passed seven of them. The only exam I failed was the Computer Science written exam, mainly because we had a question on emojis, which is completely irrelevant and a load of bollocks.

4 B’s and 3 C’s. On top of my other two C’s which I achieved two years prior in Statistics and Core Science. So not too bad, 9 GCSEs total and my results allow me to take everything I want at A Level which is fantastic. So I should probably go through what I got.

2014 – Statistics – C
2015 – Core Science – C
2016 – English Literature – B
2016 – English Language – B
2016 – History – B
2016 – RE – B
2016 – Maths – C
2016 – Additional Science – C
2016 – Business – C
2016 – Computer Science – D

And there we go. That’s what I got. I’m going to be taking Media, English Lit and Lang, History and Sociology which’ll be fun. So if I manage to pass my A Levels I can go to my University option and study to be a teacher. But that’s not what I want to do. What I am wanting really is for my writing to take off to the point where I’m being paid comfortably and am able to drop out of school to focus completely on my writing. That’d be the dream, and to be honest it does seem possible at this point in time so I might just go for it. After I finish my A Levels I’ll see where I am with my writing, maybe take a gap year or something like that and see what happens.

But to be fair all my friends did equally as well and I’m very proud of them. Probably. Yeah they did pretty good. Anyway, it doesn’t matter. Once I get my A Levels the GCSEs are literally just a footnote on my CV, so the past five years of my life have been utterly and completely useless, therefore the next seven years of my life will also be completely useless. Just like your life, utterly, completely useless.

Go away.


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