Writers Block

So writers block has come back to haunt me after I thought it had gone. But no, its came back, which is a massive problem, considering I’m a writer. Who would’ve thought having writers block as a writer would be a problem. Well, it is, so I’m going to talk about it, probably, if I can find a way to end this sentence I will.

Now for those that don’t know I write short stories quite frequently. I’ve actually wound up with a publishing offer, so long as I actually finish what I’m writing by November, and from the looks of it that probably wont happen. I’ve still got fifteen or so short stories to write and only about a month left to do so. But I don’t want to rush it so I’m somehow going to have to balance all the short stories and my writing on here, I’ll see what happens, but most likely I’m going to have to get a publishing deal at a later date.

It’d help if I wasn’t getting distracted all the time. I sat down to write this at about 12 o’clock. Then I watched Grimsby, then I wrote that paragraph above. Now I’ve brought the Xbox 360 downstairs and I’m playing the Back to the Future game for Christ’s sake. So not only do I have Writers Block, I have a really short attention span. I’m actually trying to write this as fast as possible so I can go ahead and play the Back to the Future game for a bit.

Right, it’s not five o’clock. I played Back to the Future and that game is definitely in my top ten of all time. It’s built on the film trilogy which is just beautiful and it’s such a fun game with lots of nods to the films, I’ll do a review of it probably. Maybe I’ll write that tonight instead of Sunday’s post. No, I need to do the satire article. I did the drying up and listened to The Beatles. Thought about writing a drama called “Who Shot Lennon”, which would basically be the lead up and then fall out of John Lennon’s death. Might see what I can do with it, play around with the idea. No point really, not as if the BBC is gonna look at it, and they have all the rights to Sgt. Pepper. Bastards.

I’m going out for a meal in an hour so I better finish this article up quick, I was talking about writers block wasn’t I? Because I was trying to think of something to write for this article and all my brain kept saying was “Well don’t look at me, do it yourself”, honestly surprised I didn’t drop dead at that point. But still, I had the idea for Lennon’s show, so why couldn’t I think of anything to write for this? I think I have selective writers block. While I can’t think of anything to write for my short story anthology, I can think of things to write about TV Shows and such, ironically “Who Shot Lennon” would be the fourth TV Script I’ve penned and never delivered to anyone. Still, may be worth a write to see where it leads.

Enough about The Beatles now, because I keep getting distracted. That’s what this article is though isn’t it? A distraction from your abysmal existence. Yes, you, sat there, reading this on your phone, headphones in, listening to your pop music or whatever the new piece of shit from 2016 is.

And on that bombshell of reality slapping you in the face like a hand grenade thrown by a leper, I should probably go. No I don’t have a clue what that anecdote was.

Go away.


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