Achievement Unlocked: Avatar: The Burning Earth

Shut up I don’t even have to explain why we’re doing this. Mainly because this will take me literally five minutes to write and then I’m off for a walk so the sooner I finish this the better. Literally five minutes is all it’ll take to get all the achievements too. Funnily enough I did it wrong the first time and I had to restart the game. Anyway, yes, right, let’s go.

Start a new game and skip the custcene, you should be faced with two enemies. Don’t go anywhere near them and keep clicking B to shoot them with air or something. You should notice that a hit counter has appeared, keep hitting B until you manage to get it up to 50. You wont be able to get it to 50 until after the second cutscene.

Once you’ve managed 50 hits, all the achievements will have unlocked. I would recommend going a few past 50 just to make sure the final 300G unlocks. Once you’ve done this, the following achievements will unlock:

And there you go, all done. Not even 200 words, and by my standards, that’s very acceptable.

Go away.


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