Where in the world is Ewan?

Where’ve I been? I mean, my posts have all been very last minute as of late, so I thought I’d explain why. Mainly because that’s a lot easier than writing anything decent for a Saturday post.

Well, I’ve had a booming social life these past few weeks so that’s sort of taken over. I’m not being sarcastic when I say this but I am very sorry about that so I’ll work on getting some posts written out before I go to sleep, no promises though.

I’ve had a lot of busy days but the days I am free I sort of just sit about and I really need to get back to work. But I just haven’t got the motivation to do literally anything again. I can’t be bothered to do my writing, can’t be bothered to play some games for achievements either. All I’ve done this week is play WWE 2K16 and beat the shit out of Sami Zayn.

And now I’m sat watching Bad Education because I’m knackered and when you’re reading this (Saturday) I’ll be at a BBQ playing Guitar Hero with people I’ve never met, mainly because they’re my girlfriends friends, so I can wow them with my stupendous rendition of Losing my Religion and other R.E.M. classics.

But for now I have to fill up this article with more words. Just chub it up a bit, the word count so far is at 226, I need to get it to maybe around 500. That’s the standard I always set. If it’s any lower than that I either pad it out or just don’t publish it. I bet you lot never knew that, but now you do, that’s another paragraph done.

Actually I’ll expand on that, I mean, I always make sure the article is of fairly decent length, otherwise it just doesn’t look good. I mean, I don’t think that makes sense. Hold on, right. Basically 500+ words is good because it’s at a length that people will be able to enjoy a quick read of but not wordy enough to get bored. Although, not long enough for people to get bored. Like my Anita Sarkeesian article, it was almost 6000 words long, but it was good because I went in depth. I think it would’ve been better as a video but I don’t do that shit so bother that nonsense.

I’ve got three weeks off left, so I’m gonna have to write out a load of posts for the oncoming doom that is sixth form. I’ve got a load of games to play through and finish for achievements, I just don’t currently have the time, so I’m going to set next week aside simply for writing and achievements. Maybe sleeping as well? I should probably do a bit more of that, but what’s the point in sleeping when you can watch Vine Compilations on YouTube.


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