Achievement Unlocked: NHL 2K6

Ice hockey, ey? Well you need your Tim Horton’s coffee don’t you, ey? Ey? EY?

Sorry, anyways yes we need to do another sports game because I’m still writing the CSI Achievement Unlocked article and have a couple other things I need to do so what better idea than to unlock some easy sporting achievements.

Let’s get right into it then shall we. You can complete this game extremely easily with four controllers, but for the sake of this guide we will be using two. In the options, adjust the sliders and make sure you have the most advantages, I’m pretty sure you can change it so that the home team has the upper hand, don’t hold me to that though, I’m not quite sure.

Before you start, do the following:

  • Change the skill level to All-Star
  • Change the period length to 20 minutes
  • Turn off Offside
  • Leave the icing rule turned on
  • Turn up all the penalty settings to the max
  • For human settings, turn up the sliders to the max other than Goalie Skill, fatigue effect, goalie anticipation, goalie cover depth and goalie saves.

Now start a game. When the puck drops, move your stick and press A to win the drop. Pass the puck to a defence man. Pause the game with the second controller, go into team strategy, pull your goalie by using the option at the bottom of the menu. Now with the first controller just score. Doing this should unlock these two achievements:

Now with your main controller start using the right stick to attack the other team and get penalties. You want to get two players sent to the penalty box at the same time. If you’re unsure, check the score box and it should say “2-Man Advantage”. Once this happens, pause the game with your second controller and pull the goalie again. Now get a hold of the puck with your first controller and pop it in the empty net. You will unlock:

Let’s move on to possibly the toughest achievement in this game. The penalty shot. I’m going to break this into simple steps to make this as easy to follow as possible. Keep in mind that this is the achievement where you will use your four controllers, so the following solution is directed as though you have them.

  1. Pick up one of the controllers set to the opposing team. Begin hitting the players on your stacked team illegally by using the Right Stick. You need to get two men sent to the penalty box, remember to check the score box to ensure it says “two man advantage”.
  2. Once you have two players in the penalty box, move all three players (which are all human controlled) into your end of the rink. That means there will be 3 human controlled players near your stacked teams goalie.
  3. Grab controller 1 again and get control of the puck. Skate forward until you are in the other team’s zone, near the goalie you have been scoring on all game. Your setup should look like this:
    External image
  4. Still in control of the player on the stacked team with the puck near the opponents net, press and hold the X button (shoot).Do not let go of the button!
  5. Pick up any of the three controllers on the other team once again and bring him towards the player with the puck (you should still be pressing X on controller 1). When you reach him, use the Right Stick to foul him and hopefully draw a penalty. Since we’ve turned up all the penalty sliders you should get one right away. If you don’t, simply skate around and come back at the player with the puck and try again.
  6. Once the referee awards the penalty shot, all you have to do is score. This is why we lowered all of the Human goalie stats to 0. I personally missed on two attempts before scoring. It just takes a little practice and technique, so don’t get discouraged. Once you pop one in, you’ll unlock:

Now we only have one achievement remaining, to score on a breakaway. I tried this a couple different ways, including using a 2-man advantage with 4 controllers, and I just couldn’t seem to get it to pop. If you’re anything like me, try this technique and you should be able to grab it in no time. Once again, here are the steps to earn this achievement in the easiest way I could find:

  1. Take all 3 controllers off of the opposing team; you should only have one controller set to your stacked team remaining in the game. My rationale for playing against the computer here is that we’ve lowered ALL of their stats (including speed, etc.) so we will be able to move much much faster than they can.
  2. Now you want to get control of the puck and commit icing. Icing is when you dump the puck in behind the opponents net from beyond the halfway line (your team’s half of the rink). Use the A (passing) button to dump the puck in. Any shot you take will go right at the opponent’s goal. A player from the other team must touch the puck first, so pull back any of your CPU players that fly in to touch it.
  3. Because of icing, a face-off will come back into your end of the rink. This means that all of the opponent’s players are in your half of the ice. Win this faceoff (using the A button) and blast up the ice with whichever player got control of the puck. Use RT to give that player a speed burst and you should be on a breakaway before you even cross the halfway line.
  4. Now simply score the goal, just like you did in the penalty shot achievement. It can take a few tries so don’t get discouraged. You can pause the game, bring back one controller on the other team, and pull the goalie if you wish, but it should be just as easy to put one in past the goalie. For scoring the goal you will unlock:

And there we go. Done.

Go away.


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