The 5 Best Games Critics

Being a game critic and writer myself, I have a massive respect for each and every game reviewer, critic and writer. But I do have a few personal favourites, so I thought I’d do a list of my favourite five game critics because I don’t have anything else planned for the Saturday article. These are all my opinions, so please don’t kill me. They aren’t in any particular order either, so it’s all okay.


Ah the Cynical Brit. He’s come under a lot of health issues recently and it’s extremely saddening, however that’s not stopping him from doing his job and I find it very courageous for him to continue his work even if he’s come under some trouble, for that I have a massive amount of respect for him. His videos are always of an extremely high standard and he goes into extreme depth of both indie games and Triple A games. His WTF Is… series is one of my personal favourites and his insightful comments have pretty much shaped a way of critical reviewing.

Not only has his talent formed a mass following of some superb content, he’s also a main host of the “Co-Optional Podcast” which is one of the very few podcasts I can listen to while I do something else. He’s not only a talent in his content but he’s also a genuinely interesting guy to listen to and his experience with gaming is extremely obvious and well-rounded.

Some examples of his videos are his WTF Is… Dying Light,  The Co-Optional Podcast ft. Jim Sterling and I will now talk about multiplayer only games for 40 minutes or less



Daniel Hardcastle is a comedy YouTuber that also provides comments on newer game releases. His channel has recently undergone some serious changes in which he scrapped a lot of series and now has two. Completes and Plays. Simplistic, gets his points across in all videos and his comedy is fantastic. The “Plays” series is the more edited, comedy, opinionated series while the completes series tackles one game at a time until he’s fully completed it.

He’s not as in-depth as others, but his pessimistic comedy is more than enough to keep you watching. He also does podcasts sometimes but he’s very hit or miss with when he releases them.

Some of his most notable works (to me) include: Euro Truck Simulator 2 Roadtrip, Nerd³ Challenges, Finish Simpsons Hit and Run and Nerd³’s Hell: Ride to Hell Retribution


Jim Sterling

Jim Sterling, or as known by Digital Homicide as Jim “Fucking” Sterling, Son, is a video game critic who used to work for The Escapist and then left. He’s most notable for his commentary of terrible games like the infamous “The Slaughtering Grounds” and “Watch Paint Dry”. His variety of series’ is phenomenal. His weekly video “The Jimquisition” is his dry sense of humours take on the current medium of gaming news, while the best of steam greenlight shows the literal bottom of the barrel that is trying to make its way onto steam.

The best examples of his work that I can think of are Jim Sterling Reacts to Nine Horrible Meme-Filled Trailers, Jimquisition: I’m Not Saying Emulators are Cool But… and Dead Age



Oh yes, the man himself. The man who is only second to one other man. Although he doesn’t do video reviews, his amount of charm, comedy and overall sexiness is what makes him such an amazing critic of games. I don’t need to give examples of my work, you all know my work like the back of your hand. I also included myself on this list to increase my ego ten-fold, because I can.

On a more serious note. It’s important to like your writing. If you’re proud of something and have put effort into it then the consumer will most likely enjoy your writing as well. I know this article isn’t my best, but when I do write some stunning article that can mesmerise the nation, I feel hellishly good about it.


Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw

Yes of course he’s the top dog. He’s funny and fast paced. There’s nothing I can really say about him and I should really just let his work do the talking for me. So I shall, with the video reviews of Fallout 4 and Portal 2, and his Let’s Drown Out series, which is a podcast sort of thing and very enjoyable, to which I’ve just linked the entire playlist for.

So there you have it, some new people to read up on instead of trying to make me a Wikipedia page. (Seriously, pack it in, no seriously, give me a Wikipedia page.)


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