Game Collection Update – 03/08/16

And away we go once again to see what Ewan has wasted his money on this month.

To start off I bought a lot of movies and DVDs for before I went on holiday, all from charity shops, DVDs like Rush Hour 2 and Bruce Almighty, that sort of thing, some very good movies. On that same day I bought two very achievement heavy games, Happy Feet Two and Rugby World Cup 2015.

Ten days later, I bought, well, scammed my friend of some games. And if she’s reading this, they’re mine now and you’re not getting them back. I got three games, Resident Evil 5, The Sims 3 and Rayman Origins, great games, very cheap too, thanks pal. I also bought some paper brick things called “books” which people still read apparently, I love a good comedy book so I got some Charlie Brooker and Frankie Boyle books.

And when I got back I bought some more Charlie Brooker books and then Xbox had a sale so I cracked open my wallet and “splashed some cash”. I also bought some DVDs on that same day.

Well here’s a last minute update, I bought some more books. Kirk’s Autobiography and “The Nazi Hunters”. No I’m not joking, it was two for £7 in Asda and I thought why not.

There we go, let’s have the rundown.

Rugby World Cup 2015 – £6 (As bad as you think it is)
Madden 07 – 50p
Happy Feet Two – £5 (Not as bad as you think it is)
The Wit and Wisdom of Movies – 99p
Sean Lock – Lockepedia – 99p
Dumb and Dumber – 99p
Bruce Almighty – 99p (Phenomenal Jim Carrey film)
The Best of Dads Army – 99p
Top Gear: The Worst Car in the World – 99p (Actually a very funny DVD only Top Gear Special)
Rush Hour 2 – 99p
The Inbetweeners Movie – 99p
Sean Lock Live – 99p
Al Murray Happy Hour Season 1 – 50p
Al Murray Happy Hour Season 2 – £1 (To be honest when you can get an entire TV Show for £1.50, you’re doing something right)
Resident Evil 5 – £1.60
The Sims 3 – £1.60
Rayman Origins – £1.60
Frankie Boyle: Work! Consume! Die! – Free! (Thanks Dad)
Charlie Brooker: The Hell of It All – Free! (Ditto, thank you Kommandant Dad)
Charlie Brooker: Screen Burn – £1
Charlie Brooker: I Can Make You Hate – £10
Auf Weidershein, Pet – £1.99
Extras Season 1 – 99p
Austin Powers: Goldmember – 99p
Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me – 99p
Another World: 20th Anniversary – £2
Bridge Constructor – £4
The Autobiography of James T. Kirk – £3
The Nazi Hunters – £4


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