Game Collection Update – 31/08/16

I don’t even see the point in writing this bit anymore because all I do is write the list of games at the bottom, so I mean, I bought stuff this month and I should’ve posted this last week but I cocked up so now I’m doing it today so I’m going to keep this run on sentence going until I hit 100 words. That’s a lie, but I’m just gonna go ahead and list what I bought, because I’m a lazy sod.

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Ewan reviews restaurants around his local area

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Call me a restaurant-er. Well, actually, don’t. Because I’m not. And I don’t even know what that word means. If you’re going to call me anything, call me a dipshit, because that’s what I am and it’s what I will actually notice people have called me. So I took it upon myself to go around the local area of *AREA REDACTED AT REQUEST OF LEGAL TEAM* and review the local eateries, here is what I found.

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Achievement Unlocked: Avatar: The Burning Earth

Shut up I don’t even have to explain why we’re doing this. Mainly because this will take me literally five minutes to write and then I’m off for a walk so the sooner I finish this the better. Literally five minutes is all it’ll take to get all the achievements too. Funnily enough I did it wrong the first time and I had to restart the game. Anyway, yes, right, let’s go.

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