Achievement Unlocked: FIFA 06: Road to FIFA World Cup

Ah shit, this was last minute. I was writing up the Sherlock Holmes Achievement guides but I still haven’t finished either of them, so I’ll be working my way through some cheap sports games, this one is a really easy completion so the sooner we get it over with the better.

You should note, this game is football. If you’re like me and have no interest in football, this game will be a boring travesty, so I suggest making a playlist of music somewhere, or just repeatedly listening to “I Will Survive” over and over again until you finish the game. But there’s only five achievement so it isn’t too much of a problem and should only take you a day.

From the main menu, go ahead and select the “Road to the FIFA World Cup” menu. From here you’ll be asked to change a number of things. The quickest and easiest set up is to change the change the match length to four minutes and select the easiest difficulty. This makes playing tougher opponents such as Germany and Brazil an absolute cake walk, so long as you have two functioning hands and an Xbox controller, which you do, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this very sentence.

Make sure you’re assigned to groups 4 – 8, as they only have 6 teams per group, compared to groups 1- 3 having 7.

Your first match will be a friendly. There’s no point in playing the friendlies, so just start it up and forfeit the match. Every match you forfeit you’ll lose 3-0, but it doesn’t matter because it’s only a friendly. After this you need to win the International Open, as this goes towards an achievement. There are three matches linked to the International Open, and once you’ve won all three, you’ll unlock the following achievement:

After this, you’ll begin playing towards the World Cup Qualifier group. You’ll be put through four more matches, win them all. Skip the friendlies and make your way to the World Masters tournament. Win all the matches in the World Masters tournament to get yourself the next achievement:

After another friendly match, you will play your qualifier for the world cup. Win this match and unlock the next achievement:

Now that’s that for that section, for the rest of the achievements we just need to clean up a few things. Let’s get the Tournament Mode done first.

Create a Custom Tournament, set the half lengths to two minutes, difficulty to amateur and number of teams to eight. Make sure the Knockout Round Fixtures and the Final Match Legs are both set to one. With eight teams in the tournament, you need to win three games. After you’ve won the three games, the achievement is yours:

Now onto the League Achievement. For this one, set it up the same, so two minutes each half, amateur difficulty, but set the teams to 10. You’re gonna have to play nine games for this achievement, and win them all, just to be safe. As long as you have the most points at the end of the game, you’ll unlock the achievement:

And now for the easiest achievement in the game, win a match on Perfect difficulty. Now hold on a second there Ewan, that sounds pretty difficult. I mean, slap my arse and call me Terrence, I struggled on Amateur. Well, lucky for you, like all early sport games, this game features “sliders”. But this game has nothing to do with that and is a lot simpler.

Start up a two minute half game on Perfect difficulty. Keep scoring own goals in the first half and when you’ve conceded about five or six goals, switch to the other team through the options menu and just wait for the game to end. Once the game ends, the achievement will unlock:

And there you have it, yet another easy 1000G, now go play something fun, I heard Tron Evolution is free on Xbox 360, we’ll get to that one soon enough.


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