Is It Worth Watching?: Wish I Was Here

Now for those of you who have ever seen Scrubs, you may be wondering what happened to the walking idiot that was John Dorian, or J.D. for short. Well, let’s find out shall we and watch his latest movie (that was funded through Kickstarter), Wish I Was Here.

Braff plays Aidan Bloom, a 30 something failing actor that is struggling to finance his poor life choice of wanting to pursue a creative career such as acting, singing or writing…oh…wait.

He can’t afford to pay for his two kids Grace and Tucker Bloom (played by Joey King and Pierce Gagnon) and his wife Sarah Bloom (played by Kate Hudson) has a shitty office job and struggles to provide for the family too, mainly because of the lighting in their office or something, I mean, Jesus, it looks like someone melted cheese on top of the building and it’s starting to seep through the windows. Anyway, more on that topical banter later.

Aidan’s father, Gabe, who is played by Mandy Patinkin, you probably know him from classics such as Homefront and the very short lived Sonic the Hedgehog Japanese Only series that nobody remembers and I saw it on his Wikipedia page, in which he played a Presidential guard. Anyway, it turns out Gabes cancer has come back out of remission because that’s what cancer does and cancer isn’t very fun. As it turns out, it was his father that was paying for his children to go to an Orthodox school, and now he’s going to take all that money and spend it on some risky cancer surgery. There’s a chance it wont work and could make him worse. Now I don’t know about you but cancer has affected my family before and it was hard hitting, the delivery of the reactions of the characters and effect it has is spot on. Although it doesn’t delve any further emotionally past anger, no real sadness is shown as far as I can remember.

Further on in the film we see Aidan fail to achieve another acting role and the stress of everything requires him to go to the Rabbi and ask for charity. They politely tell him to fuck off, so he takes his kids out of the school they’re currently going to and decides to home school them. Now if anyone knows the first thing about home schooling, please, let me know, because I haven’t got a bloody clue if it works or not, but in this movie, it does not.

This is the point where the film gets a bit choppy. Aidan meets up with his brother to talk to him about his dad, that’s all good, somehow after this his brother decides that, because of all the problems going on, he’ll make a Comic Con costume? I have no clue. When I’m going through difficult times I don’t make costumes or do origami, but hey, whatever helps you cope with living in a shit hole caravan type thing.

But the film further falls apart when this sudden lack of home schooling leads one child to shave their hair off and then Aidan decides this is a good time to take the two kids on some form of spiritual adventure. I’m not sure how he gets from failing as a teacher to taking his kids to some rocks, but hell, who needs an explanation as long as it works. Which it does. It’s quite inspiring, he and his kids go camping, drive a sports car, swim and all sorts, while at the same time Aidan still struggles with his lack of acting opportunities and Gabe suffers from his cancer.

Overall, I can’t say anymore because I’d spoil the film, but you get he jist of it. It has a very strong cast, enjoyable visuals, a good story and plenty of comedic and heartfelt moments.

Is it worth watching?



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