The Achievement Hunters Guide Part 6: The Grind

Now I’m not going to lie to you, Achievement Hunting is fun. But at times it can get a little bit unfun and you may feel disheartened or just not up for it. That’s fine, it’s happened to me before. If this ever happens to me or it starts to feel like I’m not playing for fun anymore, I try and make myself stop. More often than not that works, however recently I haven’t been able to stop and it’s thanks to the Bean Dive that I was, but enough of that.

A lot of games take some time to complete, especially movie tie in games as it requires you to either collect a lot of things or upgrade everything to maximum capacity. Believe me, it gets boring very fast, but it’s something that needs to be done. Well, it doesn’t need to be done, it’s just something you have to do for gamerscore.

Some games don’t make you do this, some games just make you play through the game and then you’re done. CSI gives you 200G per case and there’s only five cases in the game, so that’s some very easy gamerscore. But when you’re playing for hours on end and playing these terrible games it can get boring. Just remember to take a break sometime and play something you want to.

If you’re sat playing nothing but bad games all day you’ll get sick of it very quickly, so you need to break up the monotony of those games and play something that’s fairly enjoyable. You’ve played Turning Point: Fall of Liberty all day? Well play Skyrim for a bit. You need to have breaks from the bad otherwise you’ll get extremely sick and tired of playing terrible games and eventually give up. It’s a marathon, not a sprint, you have as long as it takes to gain gamerscore.

Hell, I took a couple weeks off from gamerscore hunting and didn’t really play anything at all, I just did writing. But now I’m back to achievement hunting and it’s a lot fresher now that I’ve had a break. It also helps to play good games for achievements too, because if you aren’t having fun boosting up your gamerscore, then you can have fun playing a good game and at the same time make a small boost in your gamerscore.

The WWE games are a prime example of this. If you like the WWE franchise in any way, whether watching it, playing the games or both then the older WWE games are really good and offer gamerscore. Even the newer ones offer easy gamerscore and are pretty good, but not as good as the older ones in my opinion. WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2007 is the game I’ve been working on completing, however you have to beat everyone on the roster on Legendary and Hard. The achievements don’t stack, so I have to beat all 67 of them, twice. But it’s fun in a way because the game itself is fun, so it’s not that bad.

If you feel like you aren’t having fun then stop, there’s no point in doing something when you aren’t having fun.

Also, there isn’t a part seven. This is it. I have no more to really say other than have fun, don’t play to the point of exhaustion and keep in mind that you’ll never get the world record.


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