The Achievement Hunters Guide Part 5: Easy Gamerscore

So yesterday we took a look at the games you should avoid, and today I’ll be giving a few examples of the games that you should definitely play for gamerscore.

Movie Tie-In Games

Believe me, movie tie in games are easy gamerscore, but by no means are they good games. Peter Jackson’s King Kong, Cars and CSI: Hard Evidence seem to be the only movie tie in games I’ve completed currently but I’m working my way through Happy Feet Two and Star Trek currently, even though Star Trek doesn’t seem to be an easy completion. Anyway, there’s a lot of easy games that are movie tie ins.

Most of the time, movie or TV Show tie in games offer up an extremely easy 1000G, of course it does mean you’ll be playing some utterly terrible games.

Wolfenstein: The New Order

I’m not going to be talking about specific games other than this game because it deserves notable credibility for being an easy completion, a fun completion and on top of that it’s one of the greatest shooters I’ve ever played. Wolfenstein: The New Order gives you a very nice variety of pretty much every achievement there is, the regular mission completion, the perks system, collectables and difficulty. I definitely recommend picking this game up when you can because it truly is a phenomenal game.


For those of you with Xbox One’s you’ll definitely want to take advantage of the ID@Xbox programme, I touched on this topic briefly in the last few parts however this article will go into much more depth. Basically with the ID@Xbox programme, a lot of indie games are being released, for example Rocket League. With this comes a hell of a lot of easy gamerscore and each one has 1000G on offer. Considering the games are cheaper than most retail Xbox One games, ranging from about £5 – £12, you’ll definitely want to pick up some of the easier completions, such as Factotum 90 and The Goosebumps Game.

Telltale Games

Tales from the Borderlands, Back to the Future, Game of Thrones: Iron from Ice, The Wolf Among Us, literally anything Telltale releases is an enjoyable and easy 1000G. I recommend you go and pick up the games I just listed there now.


2006? What do you mean? Well, it’s very simple. The majority of games that came out in 2006 had very simple achievements, most specifically, sports games. NHL and NBA 2K6 are renowned for being very easy and you can actually get all 1000G in one game if done right.


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