The Achievement Hunters Guide Part 4: Games to Avoid

So while pretty much all games have some achievements in them, some of them just aren’t worth the effort and are ultimately are just way too time consuming, so I thought I’d mention a few games, well, types of games that you should avoid at all costs.

Guitar Hero/Rockband Games

Pretty much every one of the Guitar Hero or Rockband games, including the latest releases, will have one or more achievements that are just impossible to get. More than likely, the servers have been shut down, making multiplayer achievements pretty difficult to gain.

Also, unless you’re extremely good at Guitar Hero (like me), you’ll have trouble gaining most of the achievements as all of them have difficulty related achievements, or ones for hitting every note in difficult songs.

Perfect Dark Zero

This game is no good whatsoever for achievements. You get 15G for completing the entire game. And there’s also an achievement for playing 1000 online games. It really isn’t worth it because of how long it takes to get even one achievement. On top of that, it’s just not a very good game either, you can get it with the Rare Replay, I got the special edition for £2.

Old Fifa Games

The older world cup games are excellent for gamerscore. However, most of the regular series, so Fifa 07 and so on, have online achievements that you can no longer gain. EA Shuts their servers off every two years on their old games, pretty much all sport games do so if you plan on trying to complete a Fifa game then do it before the next one comes out.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour

Pretty sure the only game in the world that has all the achievements locked because the online went off and took the achievements with it. All of the games have very difficult achievements and straight up achievements that you can’t get, just don’t even bother with this series.

Any Xbox 360 Arcade Game Over 10 Hours

Games like Sonic the Fighters and Harms Way are easy arcade games with a good 200G to pick up very quickly. But it’s only 200G. Some full retail 1000G games take a lot less time than a 200G arcade game, so it’s best not too spend too much time on an arcade game on the Xbox 360 because you could be completing some terrible movie tie in game.

That pretty much wraps it up. Before you start a game I recommend you check its TA Ratio on TrueAchievements. Usually a game with more than 2,000TA is a difficult completion, and anything below 1,700TA is very easy.


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