The Achievement Hunters Guide Part 2: Websites

Day 2 now, and this one is fairly important. Well, it’s all important. But before we even think about getting some achievements, we need to sign up to a few websites because they’ll help quite a bit.

Hopefully you have a computer, because you’ll need one. So, get your email ready because we’ll be signing up to a couple of things.


Probably the most important of them all, TrueAchievements is quite honestly the greatest site for achievements I’ve ever used before. It tracks your gamerscore, the difficulty of the achievement and also provides walkthroughs for most, if not all games and achievements.

I use TrueAchievements to get images of the achievements in the Achievement Unlocked articles, so I can definitely recommend this site as being extremely useful. The community is phenomenal as well, I’ve met quite a few fellow achievement hunters on there and have maintained contact with them so I can gain a higher gamerscore.

The Quick 1000s

The Quick 1000s is a list compiled by multiple members of an Xbox 360 related forum, they’ve done a fantastic job on finding the easiest and fastest games to 100% complete. It’s a great way to keep track of which games you’re wanting or needing to get your achievement fix.

My Achievement Unlocked Series

No this isn’t me being big-headed but I genuinely think this might help one or two people. Once a week I post an Achievement Unlocked article and guide you through how to unlock all achievements in a game, some people like them, I think. But anyway, thought I’d give you a link to that just in case you can’t find a guide for any of the games you’re playing anywhere else.

There isn’t actually as many as I thought there were. If you have access to GameFly or another rental service then use that, if you’re in the UK, has a lot of really cheap games, a lot of 1000G’s in the range of 50p – £4. Give it a go.


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