The Achievement Hunters Guide: Part 1 – Introduction and The Checklist

What’s all this then? Well, with the fun I have writing Achievement Unlocked articles and actually playing the games for the articles, I thought I’d do something a bit different to connect to those articles. If you’re like me, you want some help getting into things you’ve just started doing, so I thought I’d create some form of guide or thing to use for if you want to start getting achievements. I’m currently on my way to Benidorm for a week’s holiday, so the next six parts will be out over the course of the next six days, aren’t you all lucky?

For this “part” I wanted to go through a few things you should purchase to make the whole Achievement Hunting a load more fun, easier and enjoyable. Now some of this stuff is completely optional and to show that it is optional I’ll just stick a * next to it, that way you can differentiate between the two and limit your spending to what you personally want.

Now I should just mention that I live in the UK, so some of the items I list on here may only be available in the UK. I know I don’t have access to rental services for games so if you do then you may want to take advantage of that if you don’t want to purchase the game. It’s definitely more helpful than buying and keeping copies of Lost and CSI, but I suppose I’m a game collector so its not that bad.

Right, on with the list.

An Xbox 360

That really was too obvious wasn’t it? Of course you’ll need an Xbox 360 to game on and gain achievements and gamerscore. I’d recommend getting at least a 250GB console, I’ve got a 250GB one and the amount of free games I’ve gotten over the last few years, save data, DLC and so on has left me with just over 30GB. Investing in an external hard drive might be the next best thing and will cost you around £80 for the official Xbox 2TB hard drive, but that’s a bit overkill I think (even though I have one for my Xbox One).

On top of getting one with 250GB of space, I’d also recommend getting a newer model. The Xbox 360 core and elite are both known to red ring, the newer versions can’t red ring. I’ve had a core, elite and now a 360 S. The 360 S 250GB console is a very good purchase to make if you haven’t already gotten an Xbox 360 console.


Again, fairly obvious. You’ll need at least one controller to play games with. Now, you can manage with one controller but I’d definitely recommend getting four controllers. That’s completely optional, but it’ll mean you can get achievements with friends and also do local co-op achievements, some of the Lego games have achievements for finishing a level in co-op which requires two controllers. At least two controllers should do, you can manage with one though.

A Kinect*

I haven’t had my Kinect plugged in for a while, it’s sat up on a shelf, that’s why it’s completely optional whether or not you want one. You can probably get them for about £5 – £10 nowadays so it might be a nice investment if there are any decent Kinect games for achievements. I haven’t played any with a good amount of achievements though.

An Xbox One

Quite obviously, the Xbox One also has some easy gamerscore games. I’m not saying everyone can afford both, but it might be a good idea to get one when the prices have dropped and more games have come out for this system. Again, get one with more storage than 500GB (like I did, thanks to getting the Sunset Overdrive console, which I can only describe as beautiful). Believe me, you’ll use up the storage space on the Xbox One relatively quickly, a Triple A game can take up anywhere from 25GB – 80GB so be wary about how much you have installed at once. Thanks to my 2TB Hard Drive I can pretty much have every single game installed (including my backwards compatible ones).

A Microphone (Xbox 360/Xbox One)*

I’m pretty sure they’re packaged with every Xbox One and Xbox 360 but in case you’re getting it pre-owned you may or may not want to pick a microphone up. The advantages of it are superb. It’ll allow you to communicate with people online which is an absolute necessity for co-op achievements, so you might want to do yourself a favour and get one. Even if it’s one of the crappy wired ones.

Personally, I’ve got a wireless MW3 microphone for my Xbox One, it’s battery life is about 15 hours and I’ve got a backup wireless microphone just in case it runs dry. Xbox One is a little different, I have the official Xbox black headset, mainly because the Jungle ones broke and I can use them on me laptop too.

Guitar Hero Controllers/Microphones*

A lot of games such as Lips, Rockband, Guitar Hero, Truth or Lies and a lot of racing games require the use of something other than the standard controller, which means you may want to buy yourself a guitar and microphone. The steering wheel’s are optional, but some people may prefer to use one, as for the guitar, some easy gamerscore can be found in every guitar hero game, while the microphone can be used to gain a hefty chunk of gamerscore in Band Hero and you’ll need it to 100% complete Truth or Lies.

Now that you’ve gotten everything you want/need, it’s time to get some achievements. Or it would be, there’s one more thing we have to do first…


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