An Hour With… Turok

Ah, Turok, A lovely game series spawned in the N64 era, I bought Turok and Turok 2: Seeds of Evil on the N64 quite some years ago and to be quite honest they were fairly good games, I enjoyed my time with them. Little did I know that another Turok game was released for the Xbox 360, sometime in 2008. I actually bought this game some time ago from a friend as well, in that same bundle I purchased Duke Nukem Forever also, so I’m presuming these two games will be about as good.

So from what I can gather you play as Turok, or someone with a name ending or beginning with Turok. He could be Turok McGee for all I care, it’s not important, because the entire story of this game is a useless mess and impossible to follow. The majority of the people on the ship hate you because you abandoned your post in a war some time ago and to be honest this storyline could’ve been effective as it’s an interesting concept but apparently they didn’t have the energy or time to actually write some decent dialogue and deliver the story. Or they just didn’t give a shit, who knows, who cares.

The only reason I actually played this was thanks to my recent Bean Dive, for those of you who don’t know what a Bean Dive is, just wait until tomorrow, you’ll find out then. But up until a few days ago I’d never played this game, or wanted to. And to be quite honest I wish I’d never played this game, it was boring, bland and uninteresting. It did nothing to improve on the previous games and at the same time completely killed the franchise as a whole, not that it was very alive to begin with.

You’d think that dinosaurs are a pretty good enemy to add to a shooter, thus making the game original and have some sort of unique “thing” about it. Not at all. Somehow they made a vast and varied jungle area look grey and boring by slapping military bases everywhere, because it’s not a shooter if you don’t have a rival militia to kill at some point in the game. The dinosaurs are actually very annoying to kill, either too small to shoot with the bow and arrow or the machine gun for that matter, or too big and stupid to realise they’re being shot.

I remember fairly early on in the game you encounter a T-Rex and it eats a few of the enemies you’re supposed to be fighting and I thought that was insanely cool, I wasn’t equipped to fight a T-Rex but the game was going to make me do it anyway. But no, the bloody T-Rex buggered off. I’m sure it was supposed to create some fear of having to face that monster in the future, but to be honest so many other games have done that and to little effect. Rage did that, showed you this giant monster that I’m fairly certain is the monster from Cloverfield, and then you’re presented with the boss battle which is to just spam rockets into its eyes, button prompt it a few times and then push a button.

Turok fails at almost every single thing it does. There’s nothing interesting here. No easy achievements, the multiplayer is barren, as is expected of games that are eight years old, the shooting is dull, enemies aren’t anything new or unique and it somehow makes the dinosaurs dull. But I’ll give credit where credit is due, it has aged very well. But to be fair so did Halo 3, which came out before Turok.


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