Ewan talks Politics…one…last…time.

It seems that I can’t help myself from writing about politics, but I enjoy it, the state of the country is easy to take the piss out of, and I enjoy it. So, let’s have a look at what the aftermath of Brexit left us, and so far, it’s not good at all. This article does actually have something to do with the man in the photo, Michael Gove, but not to do with his strange inability to drink like a normal person, which leads me to the conclusion that he is one of the lizard people.

So a lot has happened in the world of UK Politics. We left the EU, which I wrote an article on some time ago, can’t remember now, it’s in the past. I want to talk about the aftermath, more importantly, the resignation of David Cameron. The resignation of David Cameron was followed by the resignation of Nigel Farage, who had supported the Leave campaign 100% and was leader of the UKIP party. Boris Johnson is also not going to run for Prime Minister when he was also a main figure of the Leave party.

It’s very scary to see that two of the key figures of the Leave party backing down and out of politics, it’s probably because they know they’ve messed up. So the man who’s left to take the reins is none other than neurotic, awkward gobbletwonk that is Michael Gove.

Some may remember Michael Goves previous work, he fucked up the education system, and now he’s going to take that experience and try to fuck up the country. He’s in the Tory party PM vote, which will give the common working people the chance to decide which posh person they want to ruin their lives. And by common working people, I mean the Tory party supporters are allowed to vote, and only them. If you want to vote, you have to pledge money towards the party, that’s why so many people are against Jeremy Corbyn but he still got into power, only paying members of said party were allowed to vote.

Now what does that mean? Well, if Gove gets in charge, he’s going to fuck the country faster than you can say over privileged cu-

Anywho, Labour MP’s are still voting No Confidence in Corbyn. It’s a shame really, he knows what he’s doing and Labour support has definitely increased. Just it’s not a good time in politics to be sorting out the things he’s trying to sort out.

The thing about Farage resigning is that it shows he just has no confidence in Brexit being a good plan. Not only that, but George Osbourne has also stated we’re going to head into a “mild recession”. Much like I stated on Twitter, all recession is bad recession, many companies will not survive this recession and many people will suffer, it doesn’t matter if it’s only mild George, you’re not a fucking weatherman.

Liam Fox has just been eliminated from the vote. Not sure if he was the dick nobody knew about or the twat who said he could cure homosexuality. He’s the dick nobody knew about.

Sod it, the country is buggered, don’t worry about it. I would advise that if you were actually thinking of moving country, then do it. Get out while you still can. Currently we’re still in the EU, we can move freely up until the end of Article 50, which hasn’t been started yet.

Good luck, it’s time to build your very own nuclear war bunker.


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