Achievement Unlocked: Factotum 90

This one is going to be a bit different, considering you don’t actually have yo play the entire game to complete it. Out of all thirty levels, you only need to play up to level 17, so just a little over half of the game. Also, instead of walking you through the game, I’m just going to slap a video walkthrough on here and have a drink while I watch Alan Partridge. Toodles.

Alright, fine, I know I can’t do that, but the video walkthrough I used is actually extremely helpful to solving the puzzles, moreso than I will be, but I’ll still walk you through it, but here’s a video walkthrough in case you prefer them.

And there you go, that’s that sorted. But let’s go through some of the achievements that you may miss, the walkthrough covers them all, but I’ll go over the specific levels where you can get the achievements.

Level 1

In Level 1 we’re going to get the following achievements:

Let’s go from bottom to top, just to be awkward.

Push the Button is the easiest one, when you come across a pressure plate, stand on it, walk off it, stand on it again. Do this 100 times and the achievement is yours. Don’t depress the pressure plate by hurling insults at it, that wont unlock the achievement unless you have a Kinect plugged in, which many, many, many people don’t.

Hard Reset is the next one, to reset a Walker, hit B. Just mash B, over and over and over again. Do it 100 times until the achievement unlocks.

Ballast of the Summer Wine sounds confusing, but it really isn’t, because it doesn’t sound confusing at all. To do this on the first level, find the ballast container, which is that small cube thing used for weighing down pressure plates, pick it up and put it down 100 times, the achievement will unlock.

As for Flip the Dial you don’t actually need two Walkers. Mash the Y button one thousand times. It’ll take five or so minutes maybe, less if you’re fast. But it’s easy enough and requires very little effort on your part. Moving onwards.

Level 2

For the Digital Chatter achievement we’ll need two Walkers. When two Walkers move near to one another, a text bubble will appear above their heads, moving away will also make the bubble disappear. Walk backwards and forwards 100 times, going to and from the walker until the achievement pops.

As for Barrels of Fun, use the beam at the other side of the room to destroy all six barrels on this level. Once you’ve destroyed them, restart the level and destroy the barrels again. Do this until the achievement unlocks.

Level 4

For Top Secret, all you have to do is scan 50 terminals. When you load up the level there should be a green looking thing, walk up to it and interact with it. Once you’ve done it once, restart the level, do it fifty times.

Level 5

To unlock Beam Me Up, make your way through the level until you see a laser and crystal. Point the laser at the crystal and keep moving the walker so the laser bounces on and off the crystal. Do this fifty times until the achievement is yours, it doesn’t take long.

Level 8

Unlocking Reproduceable Results is no problem, make your way through the level until you see a portal thing that definitely isn’t the Stargate, walk through that. Keep going up and down on the left stick until the achievement unlocks.

Level 11

Bomb Happy requires you to blow up 100 bombs. Bombs, much like the cubes, can be picked up with X, as soon as you put it down, there’ll be a five second timer. So for 100 bombs this works out to roughly ten minutes. Don’t trust me on that, I can’t do maths, but anyway, blow up 100 bombs.

Level 13

The only way to study an organic sample is to blow it up, all scientists will tell you that. For the Further Study achievement, grab a bomb and take it to where the green stuff is that’s blocking one of the platforms. Set it down, let it explode and do this 20 times. You’ll have to reset the level to do this.

Level 17

And finally, It Saves Light. All you need to do for this is head down to where the light bridge is located and shine the beam over the cubes. They’ll solidify and after a short while will disappear. Keep highlighting them as soon as they disappear and eventually you’ll unlock the final achievement.

And that’s that, an easy 1000G that took me far too long to complete.


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