I just realised that after four months, it should be “Ewans” and the apostrophe is unnecessary and I’ve only just realised because I have a thing about apostrophe’s, sooooooooo, I can’t fix that.

So now that I’ve finished school I find myself with very little to do. Genuinely, I’d prefer to be at school, it’d give me something to do, I have no idea what to do with myself. I’ve made some content for a project I’m working on, did a lot of writing, but that was stuff I enjoyed doing in my spare time because I could only do it for a limited time, now that I’m free to do it 24/7 I find myself putting it off more and more. Anyway that’s not what I’m going to talk about.

Well, it is, just read on because I’ll be rambling a lot.

There are a couple things to talk about holiday wise. Most importantly is that I will be having one from the 18th to the 25th, in that time there’ll be a small change to the schedule. Over the course of that week I wont have access to a computer or my laptop, I’ll have my phone but that’s mainly so I can listen to my music, so instead of the regular week, I have written out an Achievement Hunters Guide, and by written out I mean I’ve written the first part and have yet to write parts 2 – 7. Technically you get 7 articles in that one week, so hopefully that’s useful to someone reading it.

As for holidays in general, I haven’t actually had a holiday in a long time. Not just in general, but from my “work”. I like to think that if you’re a freelance writer like myself your work never stops, you work 24/7. Or as it’s more commonly known, flexible hours.

Anyway, ever since I started article writing I’ve never really stopped. I did have some posts written in advance which allowed for a bit more leniency with when I did and didn’t do article writing but that’s stopped now, I’ve got two more game reviews written up that will go out in the next few weeks and then I have to start writing from scratch again. It’s scary to think that I’ve done over 100 individual posts at this point. I still enjoy it as much as the first day I started but I could do with a break.

Which is why the achievement hunter guide is going to be so helpful. I’ll be relaxing in some area of the world, reading Charlie Brookers’ book and drinking Coca Cola by the indoor pool. Anyway, enough about my holidays.

I’ve lost track of what I was writing, I’m busy watching Parks and Recreation. Not too bad of a show I guess, not as good as It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, not as bad as The Big Bang Theory. Anyway, yes, right, stop with the distractions. Okay, new paragraph and we’ll start fresh.

I was thinking about re-starting my YouTube stuff, mainly because it’s something new I suppose. Might be something to look into, might give it a go and see how it works. I’ve made some content for a little thing I was doing but that’s had another delay so sod it I’ll stick it up on my channel.

Anywho, too long, didn’t read: I’m on holiday on the 18th for a week, might give YouTube one last go, my time off is boring and I’ve run out of TV Show’s to watch.


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