Exams and Patreon

I’m done, it’s over. It’s finally over. Well, until I go to Sixth Form and do my A-Levels. And University. And teacher training. Ohhh great. Still, I’m done, excitement etc etc etc.

So what happened? Well, I’ve had a line on my google docs schedule wherein it states “End of Exams”, every time I post an article, the line moves up by one. At the time of writing, this is what it looks like:

And currently it’s the 16/06/2016, so the An Hour With… 60 Seconds post will have been published and removed from that list. Obviously I have edited it so that you can’t see tomorrow’s posts or even the rest of the month for that matter, but the End of Exams line will disappear on the 17/06/16 and it’s a day I’ve been looking forward to for the past few months.

The exams are over. I’ve finished all of them. I’ve got my final exam on Friday morning and then that’s it. No more school for 11 weeks, if anyone follows me on Twitter then you’ll know I’m going to be fixated on my writing and expanding my media outlets to get this blog some more publicity for it and of course expand my writing so I can one day quit my job and get paid to do this. That’s the dream.

Which is why I’ve set up a Patreon. Now this isn’t an advert for it, if people like my work then they are more than welcome to give me money. The money is basically going to be used to make the blog look nice, purchase better equipment for a YouTube channel I’m starting with friends and in general, if I get enough, I can use it as a job income and do this full time, which would more than likely mean I’d do a post everyday.

It’s not finished yet and there’ll more than likely be a small article on and about my Patreon when I’ve fully finished it. I do like the concept of Patreon because then if it works out I can get paid for doing something I genuinely really love and that’d be phenomenal. But anyway, what else was I gonna talk about?

I need to grow the blog in some way. Advertising is a no go considering I can’t afford that shit, but I’ll figure something out. I’ve got 11 weeks off and I’m going to have a nap because I’m very tired and it’s 22:28.


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