An Hour With: 60 Seconds!

The backlog is spreading. And now thanks to the Steam Summer Sales, it’s going to be even worse. This is a game I bought god knows how long ago and I did play a little bit of it but not enough to warrant a whole review.

So this game is a bit of a strange one. The plot is that in 60 seconds, the bombs will drop, you need to grab as many items in your house as you possibly can and get into your home bunker. The amount of tension and panic this causes is onset is great, you need to grab your family, water, food, the radio, a map, supplies, weapons and more all in 60 seconds. You never have enough time to get everything, and by creating this tension you end up prioritising things. It’s completely possible to leave all your family and just take baked beans, but that has knock on effects.

If you lose members of the family or don’t bring them then the remaining people in the bunker will begin to go insane. In one of my playthroughs, the kid shot himself because his only friend was a pillow with a face on it. I never thought a cartoon-ish looking graphics could be so dark.

Over time in the bunker you see the deterioration of the surviving family members. But supplies will run out, every day you have to ration the supplies, get the families opinions and more with the unique items you can collect in the house. When you run out of supplies, you need to choose which family member to send out into the wasteland to scavenge for supplies. More often than not, they’ll return after a few days, although in a bit worse condition and completely traumatised. But that’s okay, as long as they come back with some more beans then the sacrifice is necessary.

I think the furthest I got was about two weeks, and then I opened the bunker as the military were in the area, and I got killed by super mutants or something. I’m actually fairly certain it was a group of wizards. It’s a crazy wasteland out there.

Considering I got this game in the Winter sales last year, I’d say my hour with this game was well worth the price I paid. I can’t seem to think of anything wrong with the game, it’s simplistic and has a hell of a lot of replay value. The fact that it kept me playing even after this article is an achievement in itself, so with that, I’d like to recommend this game, this is a first for An Hour With, but yes, this game is worth your time.


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