Achievement Unlocked: NBA 2K6

This is an extremely easy completion and due to this, I’m writing this yesterday before my exam because I have too much to write and don’t have time for the opening joke so just stick the game in your Xbox and let’s go.

The easiest way to get the 1000G in this game is to manipulate the sliders in the options menu. For your opponent, go ahead and turn all the options down so they’re about as useful as Aston Villa and for your own team turn up the stats so that they’re as good as possible. Obviously don’t turn the injury one up to the top or all your players will break their legs if they go for a three pointer. Alternatively you could plug a second controller in (which is what I did).

Pick one of the better teams such as the All Stars for you, and for your opponent pick whichever team has the lowest stats, I can’t remember which one it is, I can’t do everything around here, fire up the game and stick the timer to 12 minutes. Along with that turn off all injuries and DQ’s and so on, which will allow you to do the rebound achievement by leaving the court.

It’s possible to achieve all achievements in one game. I didn’t manage this, however the achievement’s are easily gained in one match, so I’ll show you how to do that to minimise playtime.

First off let’s aim for 50 Points with one player. The easiest way to do this is to tie it in with the 140 Points with a team. Pick whichever player you want to score the hoops. Make sure they’re stood outside of the red ring and keep throwing the ball. More often than not it should go straight in because we fiddled with the sliders. After the 50 Points with one player you’ll get this achievement:

And if you’ve been doing these outside of the box you should also pick up this achievement for scoring 15 3-Pointers in one match:

And finally when you make it to the 140 points in a game you’ll get this next achievement:

Now there’s only two achievements left. We’ll do the Triple-Double, because that one is probably the worst achievement out of the five available. There’s a number of stats for each player per game, what you have to do is get three of these stats to ten or more. These stats can be for shooting, rebounds and passing for your teammate to score. This all has to be done with one player and you can check your progress in the menu.

Once you’ve gotten your triple double, the achievement will unlock:

And now for the final achievement. Hopefully you put the no DQ’s on, as for this one we’ll be leaving the court. If you take the ball and go behind your hoop you should be able to bounce it off of the back of the hoop. When you’ve done this, catch the ball, run to the opposing hoop and score a three pointer. I’m not sure if it has to be a three pointer but I’d do it just in case. Once you’ve done this 20 times, the final achievement will unlock:

All the achievements in this game are basically linked together. By which I mean if you get a different achievement first, then the progress you made with that achievement will help all of the others. It’s a very easy 1000G and all in the span of about 10 minutes, which is more time than it took to write and edit this article.


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