The Pre-E3 Hype Train (and why I’m not excited)

It’s that time again is it? Well, yes, that’s why I’m writing this article when I should be revising for the exams I have tomorrow, but you know what, I’m hungry and I’m watching Bottom, so I might as well do something productive.

E3 is just around the corner, and without realising it, I’m releasing this on the day E3 starts, I didn’t plan that, completely accidental, but I’ve already got a post for Saturday all written out so I’m not mixing up the schedule good lord. Actually, one moment, click the read on tab while I sort this out.

I’ll be with you all in a second, just.


Okay, that’s that sorted. For the love of God someone remind me to sort out the auto-publisher so it doesn’t publish two posts at once. Okay, on with what I was going to talk about.

Get aboard everyone, it’s time for the pre-E3 hype train. Don’t bother packing your bags, you need space in your bags for the promotional t-shirts and inflatable they’ll give us. This post is coming out a day before the EA and Bethesda panels, so next week sometime I’ll be talking about those two and the rest of them.

EA, Bethesda, Xbox, Ubisoft, Sony and Nintendo. I’m not looking forward to it. But why not? E3 is the biggest gaming convention of the year where we get to see what’s coming out and what’s coming out next year! But I don’t care for it, this year, I’ll be catching up on last years releases, then next year I’ll catch up on this years releases. But it’s not that.

Every year, we see the same shit over and over. The same Assassin’s Creed to be released by Ubisoft, the same Call of Duty and Battlefield announcement and the same broken EA game with microtransactions will be announced.

With the major increase in indie developers, we can find more interesting games by simply browsing Reddit or the Steam Store Page. Whereas E3 is just a giant Triple A meeting where they throw some graphics onto a screen and wait for people to pre-order it.

E3 has become basically a redundant convention. There’s no point. If a company as big as Microsoft needs to advertise a product, they can most likely just put an advert on the TV or something along those lines. From what I’ve heard, E3 is loud, chaotic and apparently it’s just genuinely horrible.

But it’s not all bad don’t get me wrong. I’m sure people have a hell of a good time at conventions like these, but when I can just watch the press releases on YouTube or just read an article on it, I’d prefer to save my money instead of buying tickets to what will be the most redundant convention in a few years time.

The indie market is eventually going to just, well, not take over, but it’s definitely going to be a lot more prominent than it already is. Games that are produced by those that are not considered “Triple A Contenders” are becoming bigger and bigger in production value, with games like Rocket League, Goat Simulator and Limbo being examples of indie games being able to make more than the next Call of Duty.

But sod that, I get to take the piss out of Ubisoft again.


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