Achievement Unlocked – Fuzion Frenzy 2

Platform: Xbox 360
Time to Complete – 4 – 5 Hours
Gamerscore Available: 1000G
Gamerscore Achievable – 675G – 1000G

Mario Party for the insane, I haven’t got anything witty to say because I’m drinking Coke out of a champagne glass, let’s just get on with it before the Coke blows my liver up. It was a pain in the arse to find an image with a logo, everything had IGN watermarks on it, so no logo for this game either, too small.

So right off the bat you’re going to want to head straight for the minigames section and play one of them offline. Set the AI to easy and win, the easiest one I’ve found is to be the one where you just mash the sequence of buttons, which is the least involving thing in the world but hey at least it’s another 50G.

Finish and win the minigame to receive the following achievement:

After you’ve played one of the minigames, play another two. Doesn’t matter if you win or lose these but after you’ve played the third minigame, the next achievement will unlock:

Enough with the mini games now. Start up a party mode game thing. You should be asked to pick a character and a number of planets. You need to play through the game with each character, so you may as well start with the one on the far left and make your way through to the far right. Always choose two planets, because then more often than not you’ll easily win. Always use easy AI too.

After playing through the party mode six times, you’ll have unlocked the following achievements:

After this, you should have one more tournament to go, when you’ve finished the final tournament, the next two achievements will unlock:

Now that you’ve gotten the achievement for unlocking all the minigames, head back to the menu where you could play individual minigames. Play all of them. You don’t have to play them, load the minigame up and put the controller down. It should only take half an hour and it also counts if you played it in the party mode.

Once this is done, another achievement is yours:

Now, there are four multiplayer achievements. At time of writing (30/05/16), I don’t have the multiplayer achievements. However I will still walk you through it as it wouldn’t really be a full guide if I didn’t. You will need three other people for the next achievements.

When you win your first minigame, this achievement will unlock:

At the same time you should win this one if you set it up as a one minigame match:


Win another nine minigames to unlock the next achievement:

An easy way to get both of these achievements is to play “Over the Falls”. If nobody presses anything, everyone wins. Do that ten times for an easy 125G.

Now we have the final achievement. The most time consuming, you have to win an online tournament. As long as you’ve got three other players and they let you win, you should have no trouble with this, the lowest planet limit again is 2, so that’s what you’ll have to aim for.

And there you go, another easy 1000G. Not a bad game either, not good too.


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