Project Spark Review

Oh Microsoft. You dicks. You’ve taken Project Spark off of the store and you’re closing the servers down, but I finished the post a few days before you announced this, so I’m going to release and recommend this game anyway, which will be a right pisser because you probably wont be able to play it, unless you have it installed already. Anyway, apart from the fact that you lot wont be able to play this game, let’s get on with the review.

For those who haven’t played Project Spark, it’s a sort of creativity tool that allows you to make your own games and publish them onto the Project Spark thing which allows others to play your games. Well, it did, by August that wont be happening.

However, the game technically has a story and so on, so that means I can review it, which is what I’m going to do now.

The game was created and published by Microsoft Studios as far as I’m aware and was actually released as a paid game with microtransactions. Soon after it’s release, they got rid of this system and decided to make the game free to play and get rid of the microtransactions. The game featured quite a few DLC packs also which were later on added on to be included in the base game, which included a Conkers Bad Fur Day DLC pack.

As it is primarily a game creator tool, I should probably talk about that. It’s pretty much Unity, but a bit more basic so it’s a lot more adaptable for the audience range of 12+. The creator tool allows for easy use, lots of freedom in what you’re creating and once you’ve finished your project, you can publish it and let it get thrown in with the rest of the shit that wont get downloaded on the community hub. Think of the WWE Created Superstars list, but only 1/1000 are actually worth playing for more than 2 seconds.

There wasn’t or isn’t really a content filter so anyone can publish anything no matter what it does or what it is. Remember Roblox? The PC version, not the Xbox One version, anyone could make anything they wanted and publish it no matter how shit it was. It lacked a content filter to get the good from the bad. It’s the exact same for Project Spark, you can wade through shit to find something that might be a decent minigame. But what’s the point in finding something that makes you say “Yeah, guess that’s alright” and instead make your own, or play Crossroads.

Crossroads is a sort of “Choose your own adventure” game wherein you pick one of eight or nine characters and play a short, fifteen minute or so adventure with them. When I first played the Crossroads, I thought it was phenomenal and that I was going to get lots of choice as to what I was doing. However that was not the case, it turns out that you’ve got very few things to pick from and very little space to do so. If the land had been a bit more expansive and if there was more to do in it then it might have been worth mucking about with for reasons other than “There’s a hell of a lot of achievements to be gotten in here”. Which there was.

The achievements in this game are ridiculously easy, there’s a few you probably wont get but you can get about 1,700G in about a day, by levelling all the characters to Level 20, killing “X” number of enemies and collecting “Y” number of things.

And you know what. It was sort of fun, it still is kind of. The game as a whole isn’t that much but to be honest it’s playable and if you did get the chance to play it you probably thought the same thing as me, which was that the game is alright.

Project Spark gets a 6/10


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