Achievement Unlocked – Harms Way

Platform: Xbox 360
Time to Complete – 0 – 1 Hours
Gamerscore Available – 200G
Gamerscore Achievable – 200G

Harms Way was released God knows how long ago on the XBLA market, so back when that was a thing people used. What most realised was that it had very easy achievements, an easy completion too. But I didn’t finish until a couple weeks ago, with the first achievement being unlocked over three years prior to that. So why’d it take me so long to complete it?

Well how am I supposed to know? Let’s just crack on with it.

When setting up the game, always make sure the AI are on the easiest. For the next two achievements, you’ll want to pick to play as the “driver”. If you have three extra controllers then you can make it even easier, which you may want to do, but I’ll write this walkthrough and pretend you aren’t a dirty cheat.

The first achievement, and probably the easiest is to wreck your car. Just don’t pick up any shields and keep crashing into mines and obstacles. When your car inevitably explodes, the achievement will unlock:

Continue this race, so long as you come first in this race then another achievement will unlock. Don’t worry, the AI are fantastically thick. So once you win the race, the next achievement will unlock:

Now let’s switch over to the “shooter”. First off, we’re going for the “Flat Tire” achievement, which requires you to shoot out a racers tire. Once you’ve done that, the achievement will unlock:

Now to get yourself two easy achievements. With the same car you just shot the wheels out of. Shoot his windshield. Just pretend you’re a member of the public and that the windshield is Tony Blair. Once you’ve shot it, it should wreck the car, gaining you two more achievements, take that Blair:

Now, start up a split screen local game and put all the AI as empty slots. Put yourself as the gunner. When the game starts you need to shoot three Green power ups. When you’ve done this, click X to cycle through the weapons and deploy a mine and fire a missile. Then shoot a Red power down, this will unlock you three achievements in succession of one another:

Next you need to set up a game where you and an AI are playing as gunners. When the game starts, shoot the AI turret until you are given the option to take control of it, that’s when the following achievement will unlock:

The multiplayer achievements may be a bit difficult, considering you need friends. Host a game. The achievement will pop, very simple:

If you’re incredibly lucky and search for a game then you might find one to join, if not, get a “friend” to hop onto the game and get them to host. Join them and unlock the next achievement:

Now all you need to do is head to the Help and Options menu, watch the credits until the final achievement unlocks:

And there you go, a very easy 200G.


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