Is It Worth Watching – Peep Show

So last month I did a film, this month it seems fitting I do another TV Show. Who knows, maybe next month I’ll do another film. Probably not, I might just take one of my old blog posts and stick it up on here. Oh fiddlesticks, I’ve given away the game. But yeah, Peep Show, right, let’s get down to business.

Peep Show is a British comedy show that just recently ended near the back end of last year, so now seems like an ample time to give it another watch through and have a look at how it’s held up. I was actually planning on marathon-ing this show but there’s no harm in watching it twice in the span of two weeks, right?

Season 1

Obviously we all know the first season of a show is where it trys to find it’s footing and introduce us to all the characters. That’s what this show does. Introduces us to the characters, nothing really groundbreaking but does a good job of making a funny and enjoyable first season. The theme in the first season is pretty shit though so that’s a big problem. (not really). We’re introduced to our two main characters Mark Corrigan (David Mitchell) and Jeremy Usborne (Robert Webb). Along with the two main characters is Sophie Chapman (Olivia Colman) and Jeff Heaney (Neil Fitzmaurice)

Best Episode: Dream Job

This episode is the one that stuck in my head the most from Season 1. Jeremy gets a job as a receptionist and is fired shortly afterwards, Mark goes for therapy after pissing all over someone’s paperwork and then they decide that the best way to take care of their problems is to pepper spray Super Hans and prank call Sophie. All in all I thought it was a really good episode in general, the writing was good and there were some extremely funny moments all round.

Worst Episode: On the Pull

Don’t get me wrong, the episode is good. All the episodes are good. But I needed to pick one that I thought was the weakest, it was either this one or The Interview, but then I remembered that’s the episode with the phone call which made me laugh quite a bit. I’m not sure why I liked this episode the least, I certainly remember it being funny, Mark goes bowling with his shopping and try’s drugs. I suppose when compared to the rest of the episodes it just wasn’t as good.

Season 2

With an upgraded camera, new actors and a whole new director, season 2 really got things going and expanded on the plot points from season 1. A lot of guest stars were also in this season, including Peter Capaldi among others. We were also introduced to Nancy (Rachel Blanchard) and April (Catherine Shepard).

Best Episode: Local Zero

This was definitely the best episode of the series. To be honest it’s all thanks to the plot of Mark, who’s accidentally become an alcoholic. He has to go to AA meetings, the whole thing, it’s quite amusing to see Mark state he’s not an alcoholic and Johnson take that as a refusal to accept that he is an alcoholic. Just remember, there were three different crisps so it’s okay to drink in public.

Worst Episode: Jeremy Makes It/The Man Show

More episodes I just couldn’t remember watching. A lot of episodes I remember vividly, while others (like these two) I just can’t remember watching whatsoever. Jeremy Makes It is the episode with Gog and I really didn’t like his character and The Man Show was just about Mark trying to spend more time with Sophie. I’m pretty sure they wrote that and just thought hilarity would follow. It does, but not too much.

Season 3

This is the part of the show’s lifetime where it had found it’s footing and all it had to do was be funny. It did that. High fives all round pretty much, a very strong season overall, but it still had some problems.

Best Episode: Quantocking

The final episode of season 3 left us with a sort of cliffhanger that I wont spoil. But evidently it leads to hilarity, with Mark and Jeremy getting lost in a field. I just remember it as being an overall funny episode. Definitely the pinnacle of the series, extremely funny.

Worst Episode: Jury Service

I can’t remember anything about this episode. I can remember bits about the episode, but The Jury is the one episode I can’t remember a single thing about it. I don’t know what happens to Mark in this episode, but I’m fairly certain something happens to Jeremy.

Season 4

Personally, I think this is where Peep Show got insanely good. Series 1 – 3 were good and they were definitely hilarious, but thanks to a boost in production value and cameras, they proved they could make it even more hilarious.

Best episode: Holiday/Wedding

The final two episodes of season four were quite honestly the most laugh out loud stuff I’ve seen in a long while. The episode “Holiday” results with the barbequeing of someones dog and a boat. Extremely hilarious all round. Wedding of course is a big episode that I’m not going to talk about because I’ll end up spoiling it.

Worst episode: Handyman

The entire joke of this episode is that Jez meets an idol of his and ends up being his…handyman. That’s apparently somehow made it’s way into a half hour episode and to be honest it’s probably the weakest episode out of all of them.

Season 5

The season that introduced us to Dobby now and the second series to be directed by Becky Martin. This season continues straight off of where Season 4 left off, which is great because we get all the drama between Mark and Sophie, Dobby’s introduction and Jeremy does, something.

Best episode: Burgling

Seeing Mark Corrigan tackle a burglar to the floor and then sit on him while he rings the police about it is quite honestly the greatest thing about this episode. They make good use of the flat in this episode and it really shows how good their comedy is and the lack of any visual gags as usual benefits the show greatly.

Worst episode: Jeremy’s Broke

This episode sticks in my head as the one where Mark goes speed dating. Hilarity should ensue, it doesn’t really. The episodes a bit lack luster and to be honest it’s definitely the worst of the series just due to how forgetful it is. It has it’s funny moments, but not enough.

Season 6

Season 6 is probably one of my favourite series. It was just strong episodes all around if I’m honest. But I’m going to have to choose a worst episode regardless of that fact.

Best episode: Jeremy at JLB

Jeremy begins work at JLB, and subsequently the business goes under and JLB closes, Mark and Jeremy are left without jobs. Mark begins a rally against JLB with a JLB survivors group, which ends in Mark dressing as Hitler, attacking Dobby with a fire extinguisher and losing £15,000 on the “Creamy Elephant”. Good episode all round and an extremely strong first episode to kick Season 6 off.

Worst episode: There isn’t one.

I genuinely don’t know which episode was the worst, to be honest they’re all equally as funny and good as each other so I suppose there’s no bad episodes.

Season 7

Mark has a baby, that’s basically the huge thing of this season. Well, I mean, he doesn’t have the baby, someone else does.

Best episode: St Hospitals

Again much like the previous season, the first episode is the best because this is the episode where Mark has his baby. Hilarity ensues because pregnancy, but overall it’s a very good episode.

Worst episode: New Year’s Eve

Confusingly, the final episode of Season 7 is it’s worst. It just doesn’t work very well overall. It’s the final appearance of Zahra and Big Suze though, so that’s something to keep in mind while watching this episode because their performances are actually quite well done.

Season 8

We had to wait two years for Peep Show to return to our screens. Was it worth it? Well…

Best episode: Jeremy Therapised

By far the funniest episode of the series, again, was the first episode. It features Jeremy going to a therapist and that’s by far the funniest thing in the entire series, however there’s also a dark overtone and we do actually lose a character. But still, shits and giggles isn’t it, so long as Jeremy is having therapy.

Worst episode: Chairman Mark

Mark wants his damp wall fixed. That’s the premise of this episode, suppose it’s better than nothing.

Season 9

The final season of Peep Show, I did actually watch all the episodes of this season on Channel 4 on their first day of broadcast. Wednesday night at 10pm, it was fantastic.

Best episode: Are we going to be alright?

The final episode of the show, it’s fitting that this is the best episode. Everything seems to be going okay for Mark and Jeremy, but we can’t have that now can we? There’s nothing I can really say about this episode without spoiling it so just take it from me, it’s the best episode of the season.

Worst episode: There isn’t one

I can’t think of a bad episode in this series. They were all just as funny as one another (with the final episode being the best), I can’t pick a worst episode.

If you haven’t had your question answered yet, then here goes.

Is it Worth Watching?




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