Ewan Rants: Sports Games

I think as a game collector, there’s nothing more annoying than the amount of sports games available on pretty much every console. It’s extraordinary, most of these game series’ have been around since the early days of the Atari and Commodore 64 and have made it all the way to the current generation of gaming.

But why am I making a Ewan Rant’s about this? It seems completely harmless, sport games provide lots of fun and entertainment every year for millions globally. You hopefully picked out two words there.

“Every” and “year”.

Yeah, that’s right, every year a new iteration of every sport is released. So that’s football, american football, basketball, ice hockey, regular hockey, golf, darts, rugby, cricket, bowling, snooker, tiddilywinks and even racing which I can’t really call a sport in the same way you can’t call Justin Bieber a singer.  But let’s get on with the original point I was trying to make, which is sport games come out every year and seem to be increasing in popularity with little to no changes.

I’ve been gaming all my life, I’ve played bad games, good games, achievement heavy games, indie games, sport games, RPG’s, FPS’, you name it. So what’s baffling to me is why the normal consumer market buy new sport games every year. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, but when the only games you play are Fifa, Call of Duty and puzzle games make your head hurt, you may want to take a look at your gaming history and check that you haven’t lost out on some fun experiences.

I’m going off on a little rant inside the rant now, so I’ll get myself back on topic. Sport games. Right. I’m going to use the Fifa series as an example, it’s been around for god knows how long, there’s a few of the games out for N64 and I’m pretty sure the Megadrive got a few as well. EA has managed to capitalise on the fact that football is very popular in the United Kingdom, so they make a “new” football game every year which people buy (obviously).

This really annoys me, I’ve played a lot of the Fifa games, my brother gets the new one on launch all the time and I’ve noticed little to no difference in any of the games apart from a slight graphical upgrade and maybe one or two new features. For example, this years iteration of Fifa brought us this thing where if you hit right bumper you get a circle round your player that tells you the controls. Not only is that the most off-putting thing in the entire galaxy, it’s useless and takes up a lot of space on the screen. The only reason I’d use it is for the 10G attached to it.

That’s always a positive that sport games bring, pretty easy gamerscore in some of them. For example, pretty much all sport games from 2006, I played through Fifa 06: Road to the World Cup and NHL 06 and got myself an easy 2000G, look out for some Achievement Unlocked! posts on those in the coming weeks.

But do you know what the worst part is? Somehow developers like 2K Games and EA can get away with charging £40 – £60 every year for the most recent sports game, which in all honesty is ridiculous. I have definitely noticed the improvements in the Fifa genre, but it’s not enough for me to buy an entirely new game every year, I’m perfectly fine with playing Fifa 97 on my Nintendo 64 and I don’t think that game honestly works properly.

WWE games are a little different, seeing as though they do in fact make a lot of changes. However now that 2K games owns them I don’t find myself playing the newer versions and have went back to play the older games, again, easy gamerscore, but that’s for a different Ewan Rants entirely.

Maybe I’m just stingy when it comes to money and people are getting there moneys worth out of £60 sport games. Or maybe I’m just not stupid. I know it’s one of those two, make up your own mind. (HELPFUL HINT: IT’S BOTH)


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