An Hour With: Dungeon Siege III

I’ve always enjoyed writing these posts, I get to play games I bought a while ago and never got round to playing. Not this time, this was free with Games with Gold. I just didn’t get round to playing it. Anyway, is it worth playing if you downloaded it for free, or is it worth buying? Or not. That’s the question I’m going to answer when I stop upping the word count for this article in the first paragraph. Maybe I’ll put a read more tag in the middle of what I’

It’s only fair that I say that before I even started playing the game I was having problems. Thanks to the gamma slider. I’m not sure why that caused such a big kerfuffle, but it did. It’s just weird, I don’t understand what was going through the developers heads when they thought they’d do that but if you do play this game you’ll see what I mean, I can’t find any images of it.

The game is an RPG, which means I got to make my own character. I tried to make him look like, well, not me, but me. Turns out that according to this game I look like a squashed potato. However apart from my character looking like Mr. Gumby from Monty Python, the rest of the game did actually look really nice. The atmosphere created by this was great and should have immersed me in the game. That wasn’t enough, it was down to the combat being good.

Which it was. It’s extremely good, fast attack and a slow attack. Nothing too complicated, I think there was a block, not sure, I didn’t use it, blocking is for pussies and people who know how to play the game, so fuck you. However while I thought the combat was easy and fun in the tutorial, it was a completely different experience outside of the game.

Combat actually is extremely painful and difficult, it’s not difficult in a good way either. It’s got the same problem The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing did on the Xbox One. Lot’s of enemies, equal amount of health. However with Van Helsing, the enemies were a lot easier to kill and it was every two seconds and you had a hell of a lot of health potions on a quick button, basically you drip fed yourself healing potions. However Dungeon Siege III gives you pretty much no healing potions, a hell of a lot of enemies and they’re very hard to kill.

Aside from all that, the voice acting is alright. I notice a lot of games have really terrible voice acting, so it was nice to see some characters actually having decent voice actors. However what’s the point in having a good cast when I can’t remember any of their bloody names.



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