Achievement Unlocked – Minecraft: Story Mode

Platform: Xbox 360
Time to Complete: 10 – 12 Hours
Gamerscore Available: 1000G
Gamerscore Achievable: 1000G

Do you see those faces on the logo? The looks of horror? That’s because they’re apart of Minecraft: Story Mode, a blatant Telltale cash grab, which we’re going to playthrough for achievements now.

Okay, so if you have the season pass disc you’re in for a treat, because they’re releasing three more episodes and not giving them to owners of the disc so we’re going to have to spend another £6 on the other three episodes that will be released at some point in the future.

Anyway, done complaining now, on we go.

So the first Episode only has one missable achievement, which can be achieved in Chapter 2 at the crafting table.

Instead of crafting whatever the hell Petri dish or whatever her name is, craft a lever. Stick a stick above a piece of cobblestone and craft a lever. A short cutscene will play, they’ll make a joke, red faces all round, the achievement will pop, finish the episode and that’s it for Episode 1.

Episode 2 requires a bit of pre-planning. At the end of Episode 1, you’re asked who you want to search for. The Engineer or The Griefer, pick whichever one you fancy going after, it doesn’t matter in the long run. Once you’ve done of them, the achievement will unlock (depending on your choice in Episode 1). Revert back to the end of Episode 1, make the different choice and continue your playthrough until the end of the episode.

Onto Episode 3 now, wherein we have to talk to our pet bacon a ridiculous number of times until he says nothing to us and an achievement unlocks. This is possible at the end of Chapter 3, just keep on speaking to Reuben until you exhaust all the conversation options, eventually it’ll change and Reuben will tell a joke through a series of suggestive oinks and blinking mechanics. The achievement will unlock.

And that’s it for optional achievements, finish Episodes 1 – 5 along with getting these achievements and there’s another 1000G. Now snap the disc, burn it and weep under a blanket.


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