3 Year Writing Anniversary

3 Years.







I know right, I’ve been writing for 3 Years. 3, long, lo-alright enough of that. Tuesday 10th of May marks my three-year anniversary of being a small, failing, artice writer. It’s been a lovely ride and I’m not going anywhere for a long time (unless my Coca Cola and Chocolate Orange addiction catches me). I thought my 3 Years as a writer would be a good time to thank the people who have kept me going over the years as a writer and share some of my favourite (and least favourite) posts from over the years.

First and foremost, the Mexican Moron, the Spanish Simpleton, the one, the only, Joseph. Thanks to his inability to gain achievements as fast as me he’s made me be able to create a series (that’s on TrueAchievements only) and spawned the idea of the Achievement Unlocked articles. So big thanks to him. He’s not actually an idiot by the way, he’s just a bit of a twonk.

Next up is Will and Randy, my boss and college from updownright.com. These two have been the cornerstone of my writing for almost a year now. Jesus, it’ll be my 1 Year anniversary at Updownright in September, anyway, I digress. They allowed me to think big and strive in a career path I want, so thanks to those two I’m going to try to make a living out of my writing, thanks guys.

Yahtzee Croshaw, many know him. I’ve never spoken to him before. However I can assure you that plenty of the inspiration for my articles comes from him. The sarcastic, over the top comments are what helps make a bad, boring review into a good, exciting review and hopefully that’s what it looks like I’m trying to do. But thanks to him I suppose, for giving me some inspiration.

Last but not least a special thanks to Hannah, Ellie, Sian and Jane for saying they’d buy a physical copy of my book even though I’m printing it out and stapling it with a stapler and charging £4.99 each. Even though they’re my closest friends. I’m signing it for them I suppose. And hell, £4.99 for my book is good, considering it’s £7.99 on the Amazon store when it’s released *wink*.

Of course I do have to make a special mention and thank you, the reader, without you then I wouldn’t get any traffic to my site and probably follow through with my Kurt Cobain impression, just need to get the courage to perfect it. All jokes aside, thank you for reading my posts and somehow enjoying them enough to stick around. You do realise a lot of these posts were copied from my old blog and updownright, right? I mean, I’ve run out of those now, but still, it kept me going for a few months.

So, that’s the thank you’s and heartwarming speeches and such out of the way. Now to get into my favourite, and least favourite posts. I guess we’ll start off with the post I’m extremely fond of. The one that took me many months to write and ended up being my longest article. Yes, of course it’s the Ewan Rants: Anita Sarkeesian article. It’s not my favourite because it was a long article, it’s because it was fun to write and I hope I do a couple of other posts like that in the coming months. Maybe even a sequel to that article? Who knows, who honestly cares.

Now for the worst post. Ewan Rants: Videogames and Our Emotions. What in the Christ was I thinking when writing that? Honest to God, the concept for it was fairly decent, I was going to talk about how our emotions are affected at different times, but it seems I just skimmed over them. Good thing everyone’s forgotten about that one.

And that’s it really, I’ll probably get myself a party popper and “celebrate”. And by celebrate I mean play more shit games for Achievement Unlocked articles. Thank you all for putting me through the pain of NHL 2K6, Alone in the Dark and Sherlock Holmes vs. Jack the Ripper.

Couldn’t have done it without you. Well, I could have, but y’know.

Swings and Roundabouts.


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