Ewan Rants: Digital Homicide and Jim Sterling

Considering the only image I could find on Google was a low res image that just said the words “Digital Homicide”, I think we’re all in for a treat. In short, these silly buggers tried to sue Jim Sterling. For $10 Million. Oh dear we are in trouble.

So why are they suing him? There must be some good reason as to why they’re doing so. Well, in short, it’s this thing called criticism. Yes, Jim Sterling is getting sued for the freedom of speech when he reviewed the “game” The Slaughtering Grounds. Now I own that game, it’s one of the very few games that I would give the lowest score possible out of ten.

Robert and James Romine are the two bumbling fuckle nuggets in charge of this “company”. They decided that instead of taking the criticism of their game being utter shit, they’d take their fight against the internet and blame everyone under the sun. Pinning the blame on as many things and people as possible until eventually it came full circle. By which time the two boffins had come up with the best plan possible. Sue the man who had obviously destroyed their game.

Now a bit of backstory. Digital Homicide were the games company behind the abysmal The Slaughtering Grounds, which came under heavy criticism for being an “unplayable piece of shit”. This statement is very true. I played it for about two or so hours and the amount of criticisms I came up with would rival the word count of my Ewan Rants on Anita Sarkeesian.

Before we go on, I found the podcast. Some context. Jim Sterling and Digital Homicide did a podcast together, and it was what I can only say is, “an hour and a half of Jim Sterling smacking the company into the ground”. There’s a term in the UK called “Don’t dig yourself a bigger hole”. What that means is, don’t make things worse for yourself. Now what Digital Homicide seem to be doing is digging the whole and then burying themselves into it.

I’m not going to do a similar thing and analyse the video because I’m actually listening to it as I write this. But let’s get serious for a moment. If your company wants to be respected in the gaming world, don’t act like immature children. Definitely don’t make a video and a blog post about the issues at hand and act like spoilt brats, then remove the video and blog post. Luckily, Sterling saved them both, and commented on them both.

It’s hilarious that Digital Homicide seem to think that they’re allowed to sue someone over free speech. Activision aren’t going to sue me if I say Call of Duty is shit, Digital Homicide are going to attempt to sue me if I release this article. And by which I mean, bring it bitch.

Personally, I think it’s ridiculous. A well-respected critic like Jim Sterling is having to put up with two twats who know basic commands in a Unity engine have figured out a great idea to get some free publicity for themselves. Hang on a minute. That’s what the aim here is isn’t it? Get some attention by suing a big name. Damn, I should try to sue EA for ruining my experience with “INSERT EA GAME HERE“.

The fact of the matter is, don’t try to sue Jim Sterling when your games look like someone gave the controls to Unity to a five-year old who’s on a sugar rush and decided to borrow most of the assets from Google Images, in which the majority of them have been poorly photoshopped and slapped into your game. Just don’t.

It seems that Digital Homicide are committing Digital Suicide.


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