Ewan’s ill again and too ill to write an article

Yeah, somehow I’ve caught every illness under the sun so I’ve got the tablets to kick in and I’ll write…something, not sure what though.

So, I’m ill. I think it’s every few months wherein I’ll just be ill for a good two weeks or so. It doesn’t help that I was planning on writing as many articles as possible because I have exams in two weeks time, but hey ho, at least I’m not ill during my exams and I should be okay by next week.

Although because I am ill there may not be an achievement unlocked article in a few weeks time, I have next week’s written but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to do another one because I was planning a much more lengthy game for it. However not everything is bad. I have discovered the magic of “Netflix”.

My friend let me make an account on her Netflix account so all I’ve done for the past three days is watch a hell of a lot of TV and sleep. I watched three seasons of Mitchell and Webb Look, all seasons of The Trip, Absolutely Anything, The Dictator, a few episodes of Death in Paradise and I also watched King Arthur’s Disasters because I remembered it from my childhood. Turns out King Arthur is voiced by Rik Mayall which is fantastic.

Also, apologies in advance for any spelling mistakes, it feels like someone is whacking me over the head with a brick and at the same time shooting eclairs into my ears with a spudgun. My ear wont bloody pop either which is horrible.

I can’t think of anything I hate more than being ill, but it feels good to do some writing after a few days, I forgot how fast I typed and how many times I needed to stop to correct my typing mistakes.

So long as the tablets kick in I should be better by Sunday, a few more days of bed rest should do me good and then I’ll be back on track to writing an infinite number of posts to get me through exam season with as little stress as possible.

It should be easy, I mean you think it would be. Write a bunch of posts for the exam season and then come back ready to write again but the posts take longer than you think, mainly because of my interest. The “Achievement Unlocked: CSI: Hard Evidence” has had a fifth of it written and then I just stopped. I’ll see what I can do, but I can definitely without a doubt state that I will try as much as I can to stick to my schedule.

For those of you who don’t know, the schedule (for every week) is:

Monday: Ewan Rants
Tuesday: Optional Post/Is It Worth Watching
Wednesday: Achievement Unlocked/Game Collection Update
Thursday: Optional Post/An Hour With
Friday: Game Review
Saturday: Ewan’s Mind
Sunday: Optional Post/Satire Article once a month

And there you go, now you know the magic of what goes into my articles, now I’m going to have a lie down and probably wake up in about 17 hours.


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