Achievement Unlocked – Wolf Among Us

Platform: Xbox One
Time to Complete: 10 – 12 Hours
Gamerscore Available: 1000G
Gamerscore Achievable: 1000G

It’s all coming up things Telltale, not just because they’re fun games (most of the time), not just even because of the easy 1000G, no, it’s mainly because it’s Tuesday night and this is going to be released in about two hours time, let’s get on with it then shall we?

*There’s gonna be spoilers*

The easiest thing to do, play through the game and enjoy the story, that’s what I did. The story of this game is very fun and I don’t want to spoil it, we’ll inevitably have to go back to certain points in the game, but if you want to play this just for gamerscore then I’ll walk you through all the miss-able achievements now.

Finish the first episode. Now in the bar fight with Gren you have the choice of pulling his arm off or leaving it. Choose one of them, finish the episode, rewind to the bar fight and choose the opposite choice. Once you’ve done that, this achievement should pop:

All other achievements are story related, so I’ve left them out. Onto Episode 2! Now for this one, it’s a bit more complicated. There are a few missable ones in this chapter. When interrogating Tweedle Dum you have the option to be the good cop or bad cop.

For the bad cop:

– Tighten the straps
– Smash the bottle
– Pocket the Money
– Burn him with the cigar
– Punch Crane

This will unlock a Fable entry, now reload the chapter and do the good cop, which requires you to do the following:

– Loosen the straps
– Offer a drink
– Drop the money
– Offer a cigar
– Stop Bluebeard from punching Tweedle Dum in the Wonderland regions

That’ll unlock another Fable entry. Now, after a bit you’ll be in Crane’s office, with the choice of checking the body or talking to Toad Jr. When you walk over to Toad and Toad Jr, they’ll be looking at the mirror. Speak to Toad Jr. and let that dialogue run out until they move away from the mirror. Before going over to the body, head to the mirror and ask what Toad was looking at, the fable entry will unlock, now just finish the episode for the achievement to unlock:

Onto episode 3 now, which has 4 different fable entries missing. In Chapter 2, Episode 3, you’ll arrive at Lily’s funeral where Snow is talking. Let her talk and head over to the left hand side where there are some funeral cards on the table. Select the card on the left that was written by Holly and read it, the fable entry will unlock, but to be sure you may want to read the other two cards.

For the next miss-able fable, in Chapter 3, you have the choice of going to Tweedle Dum and Dee’s office, Holly’s bar or Crane’s apartment. Choose to go to Crane’s apartment. At the beginning of Chapter 4, head to the left and there should be a desk with a Headless Horseman statue on the top of it, look at it and the fable will unlock.

Now, after you’ve been in Crane’s apartment, Snow will ask where you want to go next, choose to go to Tweedle Dum/Dee’s office, as soon as you select this option/arrive at their office the fable entry should unlock.

At the end of chapter five after a lengthy conversation with Auntie Greenleaf, you have the choice between following Snow’s orders and burning the tree or saying to Snow that she’s just angry at Crane. You need to do both of these options for the final two fables to unlock. After that, and finishing the episode, the following achievement will unlock:

Episode 4 now, and for this one it’s a bit easier, you just need to do things in a specific order. At the start of Chapter 2 you’ll be in Beauty and Beasts apartment, go to the Lucky Pawn first, which will unlock a fable entry. In Chapter 3, you’ll talk to Jack, when the option appears, ask him about the donkey skin coat. The fable will unlock. At the end of Chapter 4, after speaking to Johann the Butcher, the final optional fable will unlock. The achievement should unlock at the end of the final chapter, when you meet The Crooked Man.

Finally, last but not least, Episode 5. There’s only one to be missed in this one, which is in Chapter 3. When confronted by Bloody Mary, you have four options. One of them is to hit her. DO NOT hit her, the fable will unlock, finish the chapter, and the achievement will too.

Now isn’t that nice? An enjoyable game with an easy 1000G. Don’t get used to it, just wait until you see what’s in store for you next week. Until then!


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