The Impossible Game Review

Now then, I’m not saying I’m good at games, but I’m good at games. I’ve never really seen the point of having a deliberately difficult game such as Super Meat Boy or Super Hexagon because if we’re honest, out of all of us here, who’s going to see the ending of that game or 100% complete it? Maniacs. That’s who. The people you see in the street and they’ve got leather jackets on, that’s them. No, wait, they’re greasers or apart of a gang of some form.

Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised to see this game available on Steam as the only place I had previously played it was on the Xbox Live Indie Game store (where the majority of the games are avatar related games, “horror” games or just downright terrible). The Xbox version of the game is slightly different to the Steam version, wherein the Steam version of the game has all four levels available as soon as you buy it. Unlike the Xbox version, which only has the one.

I haven’t actually finished any of the levels, maybe it’s something to do with the title of the game “The Impossible Game”. The term “practice makes perfect” really comes into play on these levels as you’ll need to remember when to jump and when to, well, not jump. Your timing needs to be perfect too, which makes it even more difficult to make a certain jump or get onto a box/over a spike.

The music in the game is also pretty good, especially the very first level. I’ve always enjoyed musical numbers in games (See my review of Valiant Hearts: The Great War for that). The music is in beat with the jumps you need to make in the game so you can keep yourself in time with that, makes the game a lot more fun and dramatic when you’re halfway through a level and the bass kicks in. Something about that just makes you feel like a badass.

It did a better job of emotionally investing me with a cube than “Thomas was Alone” did. Not to bash Thomas was Alone, but it really didn’t do a good job of making me concerned about the fate of a colourful shape, I do not care for the colourful shapes. However The Impossible Game allowed me to feel frustrated with an orange box, I haven’t been able to do that since I bought The Orange Box.

It’s not a game that you can play for hours on end, definitely not. As its entitled The Impossible Game then you’ve probably guessed that it’s a pretty difficult game, however it’s intentionally difficult. I don’t mind games like that, I didn’t say I was a fan of them but it’s not too bad. The best way of describing this is that I enjoyed the small time I played, but I wouldn’t have enjoyed it if I’d played anymore of it.

The Impossible Game gets a 6/10



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