Achievement Unlocked – Three Fourths Home: Extended Edition

Platform: Xbox One
Time to Complete: 2 – 3 Hours
Gamerscore Available – 1000G
Gamerscore Achievable – 1000G

ID@Xbox seems to be the best way to get easy gamerscore on the Xbox One, which is why we’re going to be taking a look at Three Fourths Home, a bore-athon about a tornado or something, I don’t know or care, let’s just get on with it.

Fire up the game, all you really need to do is hold down RT and mash A and X until you get home and the game gives you 125G. As soon as you get home, the first achievement will unlock.

Now, that should have unlocked another achievement, but it doesn’t and it never will. So before you event think of touching that fucking prologue you’re going straight back to the main game and holding that RT button and mashing the A and X buttons again. That’ll get you this:

Right, that’s that done. Onto the prologue! On your first playthrough, you’ll get the choice between calling your mum or not. Pick the “not”, the bus’ll come, get on it and that’s that done. Jobs a good’n. The following achievement will unlock:

Now load it up again, call your mother. We’ll be going for the “Wrong Bus” achievement, which requires you to be a mean bitch to your mother. Whenever you need to make a choice of being mean, it’ll appear in [brackets like these], so if the brackets appear then click on that one. While doing this you should be told you can actually walk about, keep walking to the right, hold RT while you make choices, this will go towards another achievement. Eventually she’ll get annoyed and tell you to get on a bus, then this achievement will unlock:

One final playthrough now, load it up again, make all the nice choices, keep walking to the right. If you’re lucky (like I was), then the next two achievements will unlock:

If this next achievement doesn’t unlock, load it up once again, continue walking around, holding RT and making choices. After you’ve finished it that time, you should definitely get this next one:

That’s enough of actually playing the game. Head to the options menu and then to extras, there’s a number of things here that go towards the last few achievements. Open up the “Ben’s Stories” page, flick through all the pages of all of them and this will unlock:

Moving on, go to the photography section and look at the project, once you’ve scrolled to the bottom, the next achievement will unlock:

This next achievement is the one that takes the longest, it requires you to listen to the soundtrack. It’s about an hour-long so just stick it on and go do something more fun, like drink some paint. After it’s finished, this’ll unlock:

Now, an epilogue will play. Mash those buttons like you’re playing a Mario Party minigame and get yourself the final achievement in this “game”:

Get it uninstalled, go have a relax, the games don’t get worse than this. Right?


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