Ewan’s ill and didn’t plan an article again

Apologises again, not only for not planning an article for the Ewan’s Mind series, not only for typing this like I’ve only got one hand, but that’s all the energy I can use right now, but more importantly for finally, after all this time, being ill again. I don’t know what’s wrong with me, I was perfectly fine yesterday and most of today, but here we are, I’m probably dying.

So this article isn’t going to be funny (when are they to be fair) because my head hurts, my throat hurts and I’ve got about the same amount of energy an Asda’s own AA battery has. I do need to jot down some ideas for the Ewan’s Mind series but the problem is they barely ever come to me in idea form, and when they do its solid gold. It’s quality over quantity. Or in my case, shit over shit.

I’ll give it a good think over while I’m dying. If this post is released on Sunday then it’s because I couldn’t move on Friday and I was doing homework on Saturday. Maybe that’s why I’m ill? The fact that I have to go back to school soon. It certainly doesn’t feel like I’ve had two weeks off, what with the pressure of the exams and revision ever looming. Maybe that’s what this week and next week will be, me going on about exams.

Like I previously stated long ago, I wanted this post to be more personal than my usual blogs, I like the fact that this is my personal blog because it means I can be, well, more personal. I’m not going to go into every intricate detail of my life though, there’s too many amazing things about me and it’d take too long to write, I’ll save it for the autobiography.

I’m writing the rest of this on Friday, because I’m feeling a lot better. Somehow in the past twelve hours I’ve went from dying to, less dying. Once again, I have no clue what to talk about because I forgot to plan anything beforehand. You’d think if I had seven days to plan an article I’d actually think of something, but to be fair I’ve had two weeks off, so all I’ve done is wake up late, go to sleep late and somehow fit everything else in between.

My sleeping pattern’s buggered as it is so I was going to use this time to catch up on my sleep, then I realised that if I wanted to catch up on my sleep I’d have to sleep for the next thirty years or so, I’d probably miss one or two game releases if I did that, so I’ll sleep when I’m retired. Under David Camerons government, I’ll be retired when I’m 142, so I can’t wait.

I’m not sure why I can’t sleep, I don’t use my phone before I go to sleep, I read. I need to get some new books, I’m almost finished with David Mitchell’s “Thinking About it Only Makes It Worse” and I’m gonna grab Rik Mayall’s satireography. I’d say “autobiography” but apparently none of it’s very factual, so satireography it is. I might keep that for Benidorm though.

That’s the plan for Benidorm, get that Achievement article collection ready to go and spend a week in the sun, reading and watching Bottom on a portable DVD player, sipping Coca Cola.

Mind you, I can do that here. Just without the sun. And reading.


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