Hatfall Review

For those of you who don’t know who Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw is, then shame on you. Here’s a link to why he’s so fantabulous and I can’t believe I just used that word but it’s the only way I’m going to get across how amazing he is. I get a lot of inspiration from him in my writing and he’s done a superb amount for the gaming community, so much so that I’m going to review his game, well, one of them, Hatfall. It’s been out for some time now so like I usually do I let the hype die down completely and review a redundant product that’s been out for some time. See my review of Crash Tag Team Racing for further proof.

So, the objective of the game? Collect hats. Strangely like Team Fortress 2 however without the market crash and absurd prices. Simplistic gameplay at it’s finest. Collect the hats, buy different characters and keep on playing. The cycle goes on forever, trapping you in it with no escape. The game is simplistic, which is perfect. No bloody side characters, no weapon upgrades, nothing, just you, avoiding several kitchen items while trying to balance hats that are falling from the void above, each hat falling at the exact same speed and angle so it fits perfectly on your head.

Somehow the game captures the fun and enjoyment of the videos of Zero Punctuation, two very different media’s joining hand in hand to create a work of art. The simplicity of the game and the feel of the videos join together perfectly like jigsaw pieces.

It still has the charm of the videos like I mentioned in the previous paragraph. The little quips that come up before and after you play a level are extremely humorous and are best experienced without me spoiling them like I’ve just done below.

Just one of the many examples of what’s to come when you play the game. This is basically like an advert for the game now. You know I’m recommending it, but you should stick around for a bit more, because I might say something vaguely funny in a few short paragraphs.

Every five levels, a wizard will appear and get angry that you took his hat, you annoying little bastard, so passing the level after this will allow you an I.O.U from the wizard. This can be used when you fail the level. The tarot card system was fantastic, it acted as a random spinner for many different events and I don’t even think I used them all. From double hats to a go fuck yourself, the cards ranged from everything, from useful to useless. From melted Dairy Milk chocolate to David Cameron running the country.

Along with that are the variety of endings, from playing a dating simulator to filling out an insurance form to shooting bears in shirts. Again it captures Yahtzee’s cynicism and sarcastic comments very well. It’s one of the very few games that can capture the concepts of the original source material and expand on them.

The gameplay is challenging and simplistic, the comedy is laugh out loud funny and the amount of endings gives you an endless amount of re-playability, along with a store that allows more characters to be bought that can be seen in his videos and more updates to come.

Unbelievably I can’t find anything wrong. For the first time in a very long time I’ve found the perfect game. Not even Poirot could find anything wrong with this game. Mainly because he’s fictional and dead, but still my point stands, go play Hatfall.

Hatfall gives a 10/10 (if that wasn’t apparent enough, I might just drop the scoring system)



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