People just can’t take jokes anymore

It’s unbearable. Say one little thing and everyone will be after you with pitchforks. It’d be like a newer version of what Jonathan Ross and the other bloke said about Andrew Sachs all over again and we don’t need another week-long scandal, even when Andrew Sachs said he didn’t care.

Some people think there’s some form of taboo about jokes on certain subjects, there really isn’t though. Yes, they could be of extremely bad taste, but that’s life, you can’t let it offend you or you’re just another one of those people who want to put restrictions on comedy. Frankie Boyle gives a good example of this. He couldn’t care less what people think about him, which in turn gets him into a lot of media outrage, but he’s a funny guy and although some people may find his jokes in bad taste, those that find them funny are in the winning group.

The main argument against these “taboo” bits of comedy is that “You wouldn’t like it if it was about you”. I suppose so, but then again, there are people who can make fun of themselves too. The best example of this being Rik Mayall and Ade Edmondson making fun of Mayall’s quad biking accident, you can find a link to it here. It goes to show that some people understand what can be funny and can turn anything into a joke, even awful incidents.

It’s good to laugh at awful incidents too, it’s a form of defensive mechanism we can put up to help us through the bad times. That’s why I think it’s good to laugh at pretty much everything there is. There’s obviously gonna be some people who are completely opposed to the idea that comedy is always a good thing but hey ho, that’s what happens. Some people will indefinitely find it in bad taste, others wont care, others will think it’s quite funny.

Now you could argue that not allowing jokes about certain things is taking the way of freedom of speech, which it is. It’s why some comedians do it I think, because if we laugh about things, we can piss people off to an infuriating-ly funny extent and I’m pretty convinced that comedians like Frankie Boyle and Stewart Lee get a kick out of watching the controversy flow through the media.

Feminism is something we joke about frequently, and they get so annoyed by such little jokes. The fact that they get so annoyed is why we keep making jokes. Because we get a reaction out of it. The trolls will keep on trolling the, other trolls, until eventually one of them gets bored and moves on to the next topic of interest. Comedy is infinite, anything can be joked about. This article would probably be funny if I hadn’t woken up an hour ago and wasn’t writing it as fast as possible so I could go back to sleep.

If you can’t take a joke, tough. There’s gonna be jokes about everything at some point so you might as well buckle down and take it. Maybe Rik Mayall should have taken the buckling down advice when he was in that quad bike accident…

See, that’s a joke. Let’s see if I offend him. I don’t think I can offend him, you can’t offend the dead. That’s an example of a risky joke that some people will find amusing or some people will just scoff at and take to twitter to try to take me out.

As long as the majority of us get the amusement, then who cares? Other than over emotional, touchy arseholes who have a problem with everything.


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