An Hour With: Mirror’s Edge

I quite recently purchased this game and planned to play it over the weekend. I played Wolfenstein: The Old Blood over the weekend instead. No matter, I’ll play it now and be back in an hour.

Right, well then. That was something else. You can take that as good or bad, if you want to find out what my opinion is (which you probably don’t) then click the “Read More” thing, if I remember to put the bloody thing in.

Mirror’s Edge is a parkour game, if you don’t know what parkour is, here’s a video. And if you’re anything like me when you play parkour games or platformers, the majority of your time will be similar to those people in that video. Not a comfortable one, and similar to my hour with Mirror’s Edge, painful.

The game opens on a cutscene that uses a comic book art style, I think? I don’t know, the plot’s about as good under tension as silly string so I just skipped the cutscene and headed straight for the tutorial. I’ll admit it, the game looks gorgeous. Visually stunning, and the game was made in 2008. Now obviously graphics don’t make a good game, but the graphics in this game definitely help take on this very…well, moving on.

So how’s the main thing in this game, the platforming? If I’m honest, I thought it was extremely clunky. LB to jump, LS to sprint, RT to roll when you’re at a precise part of the air that only works some of the times and RB snaps the camera 180 degrees for some reason. I’m not sure how that’s actually helpful at all. I kept hitting accidentally when I was trying to roll and I’d end up rolling around in mid-air and eventually plummeting what I can only assume the game thinks is 30,000 feet. It takes a long while to fall to your death, I’d say about five seconds each time.

If you’re about as useful as a chocolate teapot when it comes to parkour (like me) you’ll be relying on a checkpoint system, y’know, to keep us from losing our marbles when we have to repeat the same piece of the game over and over until we nail every single jump. The checkpoints are few and far between, I remember I got a good chunk of the way through, made it past a few enemies and missed the final jump, you would think the game would be a bit more forgiving, but no, I was back to the start and had to do it all over again.

This lack of checkpoints, accompanied with a clunky control scheme make it a pain in the arse to do pretty much anything. The only thing left for the game to impress me with is the combat. The combat can be boiled down basically to, “try to use a variety of moves to disarm your opponent, realise the hit detection is off and just mash RT until enemy stops breathing”.

Still, I got 30G, that’s not too bad for a day’s work I suppose.


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