2016 needs to slow down

It’s halfway through March already? Jesus, seems like only yesterday we were complaining about the hangover that was 2015. But I’m not talking about in a sense of “We’re three months in and I haven’t done anything notable” sort of sense, I’m talking about “Jesus, how many people have died in such a short time?”.

Yes, another bleak topic I suppose but it’s one I want to talk about, which is really all I ever do, talk about things I want to talk about.

So yes, in the first paragraph I mentioned that I wanted to talk about how many people have died in such a short span of time. Obviously I can’t talk about every single person that’s died, I’ll be talking about a few who’ve made an impact on me.

We’ll kick things off with someone who didn’t even die this year but I thought I’d twist the rules for him, Rik Mayall.

For those of you who don’t know who Rik Mayall is, leave. Alright, he was one of the biggest faces in comedy, with roles in the amazing Bottom, The Young Ones, The New Statesman and of course starred in Blackadder, Drop Dead Fred, Kevin Turvey, The Dangerous Brothers, Guest House Paradiso and Man Down before his death. I’m probably forgetting a few of his shows but if I listed all the shows he’s starred in we’d be here all day.

Why did this have such a big impact on me personally though? Well, Rik Mayall is definitely a big influence on me and my writing. His role in Bottom was my favourite, the live shows were even better and the movie was even better better. It’s a shame he died, there was a lot more he could’ve done, he might’ve made season 2 of Man Down bearable.

But how do I find him an impact on my writing? Well, I think the whole me going off on one is partly thanks to him. When I get sidetracked in my writing and don’t seem to be able to make a point and I end the sentence with a bizzare remark, it’s definitely something Rik did often, especially in Bottom. Completely random comedy. Absolutely fantastic actor and such a loss.

Now so far this year we’ve lost such greats as David Bowie, Alan Rickman, Frank Kelly and Paul Daniels. Christ it’s only March and we’ve lost so many. It really puts it into perspective I suppose. I’m sat here on a Friday night writing about how so many have died and that you shouldn’t waste your life away, I’m sat watching Blackadder, swigging Coca Cola from a bottle and halfway in between sleep and being wide awake.

Didn’t think this article would become a life lesson but here it is. Don’t waste your life away. If you want to do something then do it, just go for it. What’s the worst that could happen other than crippling self doubt, eternal guilt and excruciating embarrassment. That’s not really the best advice but it’s the best you’re gonna get from a guy that’s partially addicted to Coca Cola.

As much as I don’t want to get all emotional, I have to say. If you’re reading this now at half twelve at night with a laptop open, browsing Imgur for hours on end, go do something! It’s good to procrastinate, but sooner or later you’ll realise you’ll have been wanting to do something in that time. Do something creative, writing, reading, drawing, gaming, whatever it is. Fill in the empty space of procrastination with something productive. Learn a new language, do something.

I think I’m saying this because I’ve failed to do anything of value. Yeah, I’ve got this blog and my writing over at Updownright, but other than that what have I really got going for me?

Well, I’m pretty good at Guitar Hero.


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